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  • Hello Joshua Strebel !

    Thank you very much for the multiedit plugin !

    For now, the plugin outputs <div>content of some tab</div> elements when calling multieditDisplay(‘tabName’,trueOrFalseForEchoOrJustReturn);.

    Could you please allow A) and B):

    A) Configurable CSS class injection into
    It’d be nice to be able inject some css class name for the all the divs (ie. <div class=”some Css classes I’ve entered in the Multiedit admin page”). This would help styling those easily.

    B) Hiding of empty divs
    Empty divs/tabs would not echo/return anything.
    Eg. if I add no content to my “Bottom right” tab, I do not want to see any empty rectangle show up there.
    If possible, it’d be nice to have tabs all kinds of empty tabs (eg. with only spaces, linebreaks, or empty <p></p> <div></div> tags..)still get considered as “empty”/not to be rendered.

    Thanks so much for this great plugin !!

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  • Hello,

    For info, here’s how I render tabs only if they are not empty for now (my request was to have this builtin if it does not slow things down too much):

    //in my theme's functions.php
    function echo_if_non_empty_html($html)
                    echo $html;
            //else echo nothing
    //in my custom multi-edit-enabled template page
     * Template Name: Page 2x2 zones
    MultiEdit: HautDroit,HautGauche,BasDroit,BasGauche
     <?php $z = multieditDisplay('HautGauche',true); echo_if_non_empty_html($z); ?>
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