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  • Hi – great plugin – very useful.

    However, I’m running a multisite with approx 3000 blogs and when network admin goes to the plugins page it often takes upwards of 20 seconds to load, sometimes timing out.

    Is this due to the sheer number of blogs?

    Does the plugin run scripts everytime you load that plugins page, or does it ‘save’ some data so it just checks for changes? Currently I’m having to disable it when doing anything with the plugins page as its too frustrating to use.

    Ideally it would do a one off audit of plugins and which sites are using them, save to the DB, then if a plugin was activated or deactivated at a site level it simply updates the DB each time.

    I’m guessing this isn’t a quick fix 🙁

    Thanks again,
    Alex Furr

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  • Hi @alexfurr,


    That’s a lot of blogs! I haven’t tested with nearly that many so I’m not really surprised it slows down. 🙂

    What you’ve described is actually how the plugin does its audit now, but I suspect with 3000 blogs there’s a lot of activating and deactivating that could occur.

    There is a 1 hour cache for the plugin query result right now, but it seems a bit low for such a large network. I’ll add something to make that timeout configurable in the next release, a longer time might improve your page load.

    There are activation and deactivation hooks for plugins, and those clear the transient cache when a plugin is activated or deactivated in the network – so with a network that large I suspect it clears A LOT. The query to rebuild the list is fairly heavy, but I can see if there’s any efficency to gain there too.

    – Kathy

    Hi there,

    I have the same problem with the ‘Network Plugin Auditor’ on a WP network running 2500 blogs whereas an other similar plugin like ‘WPMU Plugin Stats’ doesn’t seems to provoke such problems.

    Thread Starter Alex Furr


    Thanks for the tip. I will check out that other plugin next week.
    Much appreciated.


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