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  1. latro666
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Great plugin!

    Just a quick one, I want some of my templates to show a teaser of restricted posts. I'v added this in:

    // Remove Actions
    remove_action( 'send_headers' , 'pr_no_cache_headers' );
    // Remove Filters
    remove_filter ( 'the_content' , 'pr_page_restrict' , 50 );
    remove_filter ( 'the_excerpt' , 'pr_page_restrict' , 50 );
    remove_filter ( 'comments_array' , 'pr_comment_restrict' , 50 );

    So basically this turns of the firing of the plugin on that template. I'm not (yet) a WordPress guru, just hacking my way around. Is this an 'ok' way to go about this? It appears on the face of it to work fine.

    Perhaps this is something that could be extended into the plugin's source code for future versions in the form of a function call in templates?



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