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    Try this shortcode:

    [pagelist_ext child_of="77" parent="77"]

    where “77” is the ID of the page which subpages you want to show.
    In this case only one level should be shown.

    Is there a way I can do that generically? I want to show the parent, siblings, and the present page’s children only. But want to apply it to a widget menu.

    [siblings][pagelist]&[subpages] are all showing the same results with the widget?

    Plugin Author webvitalii


    Add this php code to your functions.php file:
    add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');
    and shortcodes will run in sidebar widgets on your site.

    The difference between shortcodes you may read on the Pagelist plugin page. But shortcode names will give you a hint 🙂

    Yes, I did that already, found it on another thread.

    BTW, thanks for your quick response time… very helpful.

    I’ll check out your link for my options. But the need to make a generic pull across all pages for a menu style is not clear… my reply to your first answer. In other words (and it seems to say the same on the plugin link) I need this one shortcode to apply to all places it shows without having to list every page I do or dont’ want. This is a huge site and to have to apply to every page a different shortcode would be impractical.

    Oh… just tried it… it worked! Nice.

    I did [pagelist depth=”2″] and it seems to be more what I need! Thanks.

    Ok… one issue is that the menu does not seem to update per page, as I need it to.

    Is this possible?

    I need to have it show depth based on the page that opens, but it seems to only show depth from the home.

    Plugin Author webvitalii


    Try this shortcode:
    [pagelist depth="2" child_of="current"]

    And also read about all params of Pagelist plugin.

    Ok, I hadn’t seen the full list in your “other notes” somehow… great content.

    Last question I think for the moment.

    What if I want it to show a breadcrumb as well, is that possible?

    …or a parent/grandparent. I tried [pagelist depth=”2″ parent=”current” child_of=”current”] but no luck.

    Plugin Author webvitalii


    Pagelist could not be used as breadcrumbs.
    Try to use Breadcrumb Navxt plugin for that.

    Thanks, just want the one to do both 😉

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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