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  • Hello,

    Slight problem here. I absolutely love the plugin for page use, along with featured images and description.

    With the description part I’m having a bit of an issue, it’s showing any shortcodes I might have on the page which doesn’t really look pretty.

    Is a way to hide it and just find the first piece of text on that page or perhaps grab it from the page description?

    The shortcode I am using is
    [pagelist_ext parent="3" child_of="3" more_tag="1" image_width="120" image_height="120"]

    Thanks so much,

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  • Plugin Author webvitalii


    You may use these params to solve your task:

    [pagelist_ext parent="3" child_of="3" more_tag="1" image_width="120" image_height="120" strip_tags="1" strip_shortcodes="1"]

    Info about params.

    I’m afraid that didn’t solve my problem, I still see the shortcode for my tubepress plugin. I had tried the parameters you provided individually before, never together though. So my hopes were high for a solution.

    Any other ideas?

    Plugin Author webvitalii


    Sorry, but there is no more other params which could solve your task.
    Pagelist plugin could not fit everybody.
    If it will fit everybody – than it will have billion params and it will be impossible to use. It already has too much params IMHO.
    If you need some functionality – than you may extend plugin as you need it.
    Don’t forget to change the version of the plugin to “100” for avoiding updates and prevent losing your code.

    I’ll see if I can find a way to work around it, perhaps modify it to show page description rather than content.

    There really aren’t many plugins out there that offer what page-list does, listing child pages with thumbnail and excerpts. Kudo’s for that.

    Plugin Author webvitalii


    If I am not mistaken plugin tries to show excerpt (if page has) instead of the beginning of the content. Lines 358-363 in page-list.php file:

    if( !empty( $page->post_excerpt ) ){
    	$text_content = $page->post_excerpt;
    	$text_content = $page->post_content;
Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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