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  • Resolved Borislav


    It seems the “more tag” content limiting does not work. I don’t have a demo page, as I’m working on a local network site, but it’s easy to reproduce.

    I think if I set the strip_tags=”0″ I can see the “more tag” working, but, of course, that messes up the whole layout, as other tags bleed from the subpages onto the current page.

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  • Plugin Author webvitalii


    I added now support for more tag in Page-list plugin in version 2.9.
    You may update it and test it. More tag feature is working by default and shortcode is showing content only before more tag.
    If you want to disable it, you may use this shortcode: [pagelist_ext more_tag="0"].
    Please, write me back if it worked fine.

    Yes, it works now, thank you for the swift reaction!

    You might want to add another “feature”: the more-tag should have precedence over limit_content. If a page has a more-tag, it should display the whole content up to the more-tag, regardless of the limit_content value. If a page does not have a more-tag, follow the limit_content value.

    Have a nice day!

    ps: In a future version I can see some kind of logic, similar to the nested styles in InDesign. For example, limit the content up to the 3rd paragraph, or up to the 5th “;”

    Plugin Author webvitalii



    the more-tag should have precedence over limit_content

    I am thinking about it. For now I left it independent and everyone could combine it for own needs. But in future it will be more logical.

    limit the content up to the 3rd paragraph

    I will think about it.

    P.S. I saw your topic accidentally 🙂 It is bad, that emails does not sending automatically to plugin authors with topic creation. And WordPress developers answered to me, that this is feature and not a bug 🙂 But now I am subscribed to this topic so everything is great now, I can see replies to this topic immediately.

    Guys, the more-tag isnt working. Please check it here:

    Here’s my code:
    [pagelist_ext child_of="45" image_width="100" image_height="100" include="154,158,208,161,212" sort_column="menu_order" limit_content="200" more_tag="0"]

    Thanks for the great support.

    PS. Im using wp 3.3.1

    If your MORE tag is after the limit_content value – it won’t work. That’s what I suggested for a future release in my last comment.

    I tried it both ways… but it doesnt work.

    Plugin Author webvitalii


    2 jdev:
    I have few questions:

    1. what you expected to be shown by the shortcode?
    2. what is not good for your opinion?
    3. where do you have more-tag? After 200 symbols or before?
    Plugin Author webvitalii


    2 jdev:

    P.S. Try this shortcode:

    [pagelist_ext child_of="45" image_width="100" image_height="100" include="154,158,208,161,212" sort_column="menu_order" limit_content="200" more_tag="0" strip_tags="0"]

    I added strip_tags=”0″.

    Still not working my friend. I decided to hardcode the read more link instead. I hope you could address this issue on your next update. Its a great plugin nonetheless. Thanks again for your support.

    1. I expect to see the “Read More” at the end of the excerpt.
    2. I think the plugin is great but it has that read more bug.
    3. I tried it both ways but its really not working.

    Plugin Author webvitalii


    2 jdev:
    There is no ability to add “more” link to the end of the content.
    I think, that nobody will search your site with the word “more”. 🙂
    I am not planning for now to add “more-link” in future. I think, it is not right.

    Pagelist plugin now shows content before “more-tag” if more_tag="1" and if it is in page content and after this text “…” is added.

    I know nobody will search that word. But thats what the client wants. 🙂

    Plugin Author webvitalii



    1. you could explain it to client and educate him;
    2. if client will still want this feature (as they always do 🙂 ), than you could add this by yourself; You also should change the version to ver.100 (for example) for avoid updating plugin, what could override your code;

    I think, “more-link” is not good functionality for SEO and this is also extra not needed element on page.
    Title or image is the link to detailed page and this is enough for user.
    I think, there is no need to add not needed code to plugin.
    I am trying to keep plugin’s code lite and clean.

    Ok, thanks. I will try to tell him this.

    Plugin Author webvitalii


    2 BobyDimitrov:

    I updated Page-list plugin to version 3.1. I added “more_tag” higher priority than “limit_content” as we discussed. Please, could you update it and test it?
    Write me back if you will find some bugs.

    P.S. I added your name to changelog

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