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  • Could you please explain the difference between the 3 expiration options? There’s IP and COOKIE and FIXED FOR ALL?

    If I want everyone who visits, regardless where they visit from, to have that page expire for them in a certain amount of time, which would be the best to use?

    If USER1 visits a page from 2 different locations, and different computers, what happens to their expiration date?

    If USER1 visits a page and the page expiration date is set for COOKIE, if that user deletes all his COOKIES, will that page now start again the next time they log in?

    Thanks for the xplanation of what each does/mean.


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  • Hi – thanks for your questions. I’ll do my best to answer them.

    If you set by cookie, then if they use another machine or clear their cookies, then the expiration will not be tracked. It will start over.

    If you set by IP, it tracks by IP. If they clear their cookies, it will still track. If they use a different machine, it will still track as long as it is in the same IP (same location, same external IP address).

    If you set “fixed for all” – then everyone, regardless of what machine or where they are, will get expired at a certain time. If you set it to expire in 2 days, then it will expire for EVERYONE in 2 days.

    Hope this helps. If you have any other questions let me know.

    Thanks Bill.

    OK.. got the first 2 OK..

    The last one “EVERYONE” will that mean that the page itself will expire in the allotted time frame. OR does it mean that if USER1 views it today it’ll expire in 30 days (for example).. and if USER2 views it next week, that’ll it’ll expire 30 days from THEN?

    I do like having the expiration date.. need it to be more than 30 days.. I put 365 in the list of days, do you think it’ll expire in 365 days or will it not recognize that number of days?

    Thanks again!

    It means the page will expire for EVERYONE at the specified time. So if you set it to expire in 2 days, it will expire for everyone in 2 days whether they open it 5 mins after you publish it or 1 day after you publish it. Either way, it’ll expire in 2 days.

    Not sure about the 365 to be honest, have to ask my developers if it will work with what you did.

    Ahh.. OK Bill.. that makes sense and is awesome for the “This expires in 2 days” (or how many) from now.. or count down to launch (Hmmm..seems I heard that somewhere before).

    Thanks for checking the 365 days. Fingers crossed it will because I need the page(s) to expire 1 year from 1st viewing. I know if I depend on me remembering (even with a calendar program) to go and remove that page from everyone’s list on different days next year, I for sure won’t remember!

    I’ll wait to see what your developers say.. Maybe I’ll need to modify another file as well.. and that’s OK.. just let me know what I need to do!

    Thanks agaiN!

    Hey Bill,

    Just checking to see what your developers said about adding the number of days after 31, if it’ll work or not.

    Would be perfect if it did.. Thanks!

    Hey there – Sorry I forgot to reply to this! Yes, this is possible. We have added it to the list for possible new features for the next version. However I’m not sure when it will be released at this point. Your best bet is to check our blog from time to time – we will release new update news on it there.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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