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  • Hello guys,

    I installed the plugin P3 to verify the performance of the plugin from my site, and the result was that 45.6% of loading of the pages of my site comes from the plugin. That is a long time?

    Of this total, load the plugin P3 consumes 79%, that is, the plugin P3 is by far the heaviest of all and what else consumes slows the page loading.

    Basing on it … it is recommended that you do the check to identify the plugins that are disrupting the loading of pages, and then disable and delete the plugin P3, as he weighs a lot?

    The other plugins are around 0.02 seconds. Is too heavy? What would be the recommended maximum charging time of a plugin for it not be considered heavy?

    I appreciate.
    Rodrigo Carlos

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  • The scan above I did a few days ago. So, today I did a rescan and gave me a very different result.

    Now show me that the plugin not P3 appears among the heavier plugins. And the plugin Jetpack is shown as the heaviest, consuming 21% of the loading of pages. This result is right? Because the Jetpack plugin I just got only an active function that is the statistical function, and this plugin if says optimized with WordPress.

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