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  • just reporting a misbehavior from other plugin, which is not available anymore (oqey-gallery)…

    at Admin level, the menu of the plugin works just fine
    but at Editor level it wasn’t going to the proper page, 404 instead

    i found that the other plugin was adding its menus and submenus without using a slug, it was using __FILE__ in the add_menu_page and add_submenu_page

    maybe this can happen with other plugins too

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  • Check the Roles tab under the obey-gallery administration panel. If you’re not giving any privileges to the Editor level, then you get 404, of course, when trying to access inaccessible pages. This has been covered by other topics earlier and / or by author’s faq page.

    of course i checked the oQey Roles tab

    i’m talking about an incompatibility between plugins, and about a mistake in the code, without Ozh plugin everything works ok

    i tracked down the bug to the referred functions

    thx for your input, though

    Well, if you’ve tracked it, then please give us a hint so we know ab. the mistake on the Ozh plugin causing the mentioned incompatibility. Thanks. And make it resolved.


    i thought oQey Gallery was discontinued as it’s not on WP listings anymore, and reported it here in Ozh thread because this may affect other plugins

    at /plugins/oqey-gallery/gallcore.php
    the function oqey_add_pages should have 'oqey' instead of __FILE__ in its menu and submenus declarations

    We were going to add more compatibility improvements and some more features, but suddenly someone with administrative privileges has removed the plugin without a reasonable explanation. We’re still waiting for that explanation… wondering if that is still a free community that everybody can benefit from…

    Please update to the last version , issue is fixed.

    Gallery is available again. Update please asap.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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