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    I;m very happy to find this plugin. Seems like a great solution for such a big problem.

    Like most WP sites, I have several plugin scripts loading on all pages, where they aren’t needed. I would love to prevent this and have scripts load only on pages where they are needed.

    I have W3 Total Cache and Autoptimize in use, such as page cache, browser cache, etc.

    I’ve been going through support comments here, and it seems like the cache plugins can cause conflicts with Plugin Organizer.

    Does anyone have any guidance in how to approach this? Is it a choice between the using the caching plugins and Plugin Organizer? Can they be used together successfully? Is it pointless to try to use Plugin Organizer with W3 Total Cache and Autoptimize?

    Thanks for any clarification or suggestions.

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  • from autoptimize’s point of view using plugin organizer can be very beneficial but also very detrimental depending on your P-O settings.

    If you do fine-grained exclusions of a lot of plugins on all pages, then you will end up with a different set of CSS/ JS on each page, resulting in AO to create new optimized CSS/ JS for each, which has a negative perf. impact.

    If on the other hand you use P-O to stop a plugin from injecting it’s JS on all but one page, the result will be positive as the AO’ed JS for all but one page will be the same and will be smaller.

    The challenge -as often- is in striking the correct balance 🙂

    frank (ao dev)

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    It’s exactly as Frank says. They can work together but they can also cause each other problems. It depends on how you set them up. You’ve got to have a really good grasp of what you are doing. Creating a lot of plugin filters and specializing the Plugin List for every page will nullify the use of a caching plugin. Because it won’t ever be able to cache the parts of the page that don’t change from page to page since they will always be changing.

    Thank you for the replies. From the the way it seems now, Plugin Organizer might be a great option.

    We have about 250 pages/posts on our site. These are the 3 plugins I’m really focused on (all load on every page):

    1. Youtube Embed Plus – we only use this on about 15 pages
    2. Download Manager – we only use this on about 2 pages
    3. The Post Grid Pro – we only use this on the home page, and one other page

    So from what I’m understanding, because we only use these plugins on a few pages, Plugin Organizer should work well with W3TC and Autoptimize?

    I’m thinking maybe disable plugins across the site, and only enable them on the needed pages?

    Also Jeff, as far as “You’ve got to have a really good grasp of what you are doing” – is there more detailed documention which might be helpful, so I can learn?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    By “You’ve got to have a really good grasp of what you are doing” I mean that you have to understand how your plugins work and the effect you are having on them when you disable them on a page/post. So I don’t have any documentation on how your other plugins do ajax calls or processing on the backend. You need to understand what they do in order to know whether to disable them or not.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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