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  • It is validating just with a warning. I was using as the name space for the special “series” tag in the feed. Without a namespace (known or not known) the feed won’t validate.

    Thanks for posting though, it’s time for me to change the namespace from my blog (where I used to host organize series) to

    Thanks for the update.

    For some reason, even though its only a warning, MailChimp is rejecting an Atom feed with an invalid schema. (I think it’s looking for a real XML schema, rather than a webpage URL.)

    I don’t think you have to add your company URL to the feed. A namespace for the RSS and Atom feeds is standard in WordPress feeds:


    And I don’t see a “series” XML element later in the feed for which a special schema would be needed.

    Adding xmlns:series is unnecessary and it throws a warning. Would you consider removing it?

    Adding your suggestions to my tracker.

    Forgive me, I don’t know what a “tracker” is. Can you send a URL?

    Hi Jay, a “tracker” is just a word I used to describe what I use to “track” all the bugs, feature requests, and other things that I will (or may) work on when developing Organize Series (e.g. WordPress TRAC is a “tracker” that is used to track all WordPress work).

    off topic, but i just wanted to let you know the site is incredibly slow to access from the UK (possibly much of the EU, maybe). It’s been like this since I visited the site. I can’t even ping the site as it will time out before getting a hit, it’s that slow. Normally a good site will ping at no more than 150ms from the US/Can for me.

    As you have some feeds or something being pulled from this site, the plugin loads so slow in WordPress. Just wanted you to know.

    Hey neologan,
    Thanks for posting. Yeah I’ve noticed that the sight is slow loading (especially lately). I’m working on some fixes (including changing hosts) that should improve the speed.

    Thanks for taking the time to post

    site load speeds should be much improved now. Would appreciate any feedback folks can give on how the site loads for them here ->

    It’s solid now – pings from where I am are now in the 160ms range, which is completely normal, and rather good 🙂


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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