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  • Hi,
    I have tried all of your suggestions and found out that when I use my theme “Photobox 1.1.3 by Themify” it causes the Toggle feature of the posts area on the admin of WordPress 3.3 to not work. I can really test anything else until this gets addressed.

    I am seriously considering using most of your advanced features if this can be resolved. You are the only one that has a plugin like this with all of the features I want.

    Please, help!


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  • I’m not sure what you mean by the “toggle feature” of the posts area. Is this a feature specific to Themify?

    It sounds like a javascript conflict.

    Since this looks like its a theme specific problem (i.e. just happening with your theme), it’s *exactly* the kind of thing that the basic support package I offer on would help with. With my time constraints I really have to draw the line somewhere on the support I offer. It’s just how it is.

    Ok, sorry to hear that. I really like the plug in. But, I am not willing to purchase support for a product that I don’t even know if it works or not.

    Thank you for your time.
    Bryan Scott Herr

    I understand that. You could try the plugin on the twenty-eleven theme (included with WordPress) and you’ll see if it works. Then you’ll know that it’s a theme issue.

    I already did that test and you already responded to it above. So, you just lost the potential of over 200+ customers on my MLM team that I was going to suggest this awesome plugin too, but I can’t because of the lousy customer service.

    Thank you again for your time.
    Bryan Scott Herr

    p.s. I am not willing to change from a Paid Theme that I love to a default one because of one single plugin. I guess EG-series will get my business and word of mouth advertisement.

    wow, so hostile.

    1. I took the time to respond to your post here.
    2. you mentioned that “you already did that test” but I’ve reread this thread multiple times and checked your member profile here on and it seems that this is the only post you have regarding this issue. So I think I was helping you by suggesting what I did.
    3. I never said you had to change from a paid theme to the default one. I only suggested you TRY the twenty-eleven theme to see if it proves it’s a theme issue (which narrows down what’s causing your problem AND could show you that the plugin actually DOES work, just not with the themify theme).

    What you are telling me instead that even though I offer the full version of Organize Series for FREE on the WordPress repository that I’m offering lousy support if I
    1. Respond to a potential bug report in the forums.
    2. Point you to where you can purchase an affordable support package that will give you help in troubleshooting your problem.

    Instead, I guess it would be better customer support for you if I go and purchase the photobox theme and figure out why Organize Series isn’t working with their theme and then provide the fix for you? Wow, wouldn’t that be helpful – and I’d be broke if I did that for every person who had an issue with a theme or plugin incompatibility.

    Here’s another suggestion. If you haven’t already. Why don’t you seek help from the developers of the theme in their support forums (since you’ve already paid for their theme)? Although it may appear Organize Series is causing the problem, there are a lot of potential things that could be contributing to it and Organize Series is just revealing a problem.

    As for EG-series getting your business and word of mouth advertisement, that’s great! If EG-series works for your needs by all means they should get your business 🙂 – that’s the beauty of open-source, if something doesn’t work for you (or you’re not willing to put in the time or money to get it to work), you can go ahead and try something else (which will hopefully work).

    That’s the last I’ll post in this thread.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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