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    My posts are showing up on my blog, but a 502 bad gateway appears when I try to view them individually.

    WP-3.1.3 +
    Thesis 1.8.1 +
    Robots Meta 3.3.1

    Please help if possible, I installed the plugin 6 days ago, so I am not ready to purchase a support option if I am going to be having problems with OS and Thesis. However, if it runs smoothly, I plan on purchasing addons and possible multi-site support in the future.

    Here is the blog:


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  • That’s a first – never came across that error before (I’ve got Organize Series running on 4 different sites – and try to test fairly throughly). Unfortunately, if I can’t reproduce this I can’t fix it. Here’s the standard troubleshooting tips I give people:

    • Try leaving all the plugins you have installed active and switch to the default theme (in this case Twenty Ten). If you don’t have problems you know its a problem with the theme. If you do still have the issue then go to the next step
    • Deactivate all your plugins and then just activate Organize Series. If you still have problems then it could be that all the files for Organize Series didn’t get installed properly (try reinstalling it manually). If the problem is eliminated then there is another plugin causing the problem, try activating them one at a time until you find out which one

    Also, I noticed that your server is running nginx (not apache). Google your error along with nginx and WordPress and you’ll see that this is reported elsewhere.

    That’s the extent of free support I can give you. This is the kind of thing where the paid support option I provide will return value.

    BTW, from the links I followed on Google, it’s highly unlikely this is an Organize Series problem – it looks like its an issue with your server.



    Hi Darren,

    I appreciate the fast reply.

    I found some stuff on nginx and wordpress multisites. Just strange, when I disable O.S. the posts are fine, or if they are not part of a series then they are fine, as soon as I add them to a series they go into an endless redirect that never resolves.

    In any case, nginx is above my head, I’ll have to have someone else in the company take a look at it I guess, for now I’ll roll back to the previous version as it was stable for me.

    Really appreciate your help man.

    If this is the kind of free support you provide, then I’m likely to sign up for more in depth stuff, and, if you can even give advice on nginx, I’ll be signed up in a sec as I’ll have to wait until Monday (when the site needs to be ready) for our nginx guy to take a look, as he is out of town.

    In any case, I’m seeing some awesome possiblities for the OS series pluging for our customers and I hope to get this issue resolved so we can continue our relationship 😉 Thankfully we have a dev and prod server so we can test new versions on dev before upgrading on prod.

    Take ‘er easy.

    received notification that you posted a reply here but it isn’t showing up on this page. Anyway, in that notification I noticed that you mentioned something about your site being a multisite install of WordPress. That would probably explain the problems you’re having. Organize Series isn’t compatible with multi-site at the moment. I am developing an addon developed to enable this but it isn’t done yet.



    Strange, the comment wasn’t there an hour ago, now I see it.

    Well, that would explain it then, don’t suppose you’ll have that addon completed by the weekend will you?

    I searched for 1.5 hours trying to see if you had multi-site support, never found anything but a post from 1 year ago talking about wpmu, it said no. I figured I’d give it a go since wordpress & multisite are pretty close to the same thing.

    You might want to add that note to you’re description on the WP plugins page.

    Sigh, no idea what I’m going to do now.

    Thanks for the help.


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    foundationrepairtexas – You’re getting caught by the spam filter. Sorry about that 🙁




    hmm, not sure why that is i’m anti-spam, thanks for the info

    no, it won’t be done by the weekend. Working on a project with a client right now and it has priority atm. I have had people sponsor development of an addon in the past, if this is something you’d be interested in doing let me know (



    Hey darren,

    I’ve reverted to 2.3.5 for the time being, it works fine for me on multi-site, I’ll be looking for the multisite add-on in the future.

    Thanks for the support.


    so orgseries 2.3.5 works fine on multi-site but orgseries 2.3.6 produces the errors you’re getting? hmmm… I’ll take a look at the changelog but off the cuff I can’t think of anything that would be producing your errors. It does sound more like a bug if 2.3.5 works fine.



    Yeah, 2.3.5 works like a charm. I’ve got 30 book excerpts to separate into series between 1-9 pages, and I was halfway through when the guy in charge of updates at our company updated the plugins on the dev server, just stopped working after that. I about had a hear attack.

    It may only be a bug with 2.3.6

    The only thing that does not work is the image uploader, but I imagine that is due to thesis as the regular wp image uploader doesn’t work right either.

    If you visit the link again you’ll see it in action on a multisite.




    hear attack

    naturally meant heart attack

    It may only be a bug with 2.3.6

    Meant to say, it may only be a bug with 2.3.6 and nginx

    I am wondering if you ever figured out the problem with the 502 Bad Gateway error. I am currently working on a plugin and am struggling to get it to work with Nginx and PHP-FPM / FastCGI.

    It breaks the entire WordPress Site when I use the current_user_can() function. In particular, current_user_can(‘editor’) and current_user_can(‘author’). In version 0.1 of my plugin, I used $current_user->user_level, but WordPress doesn’t recommend doing that so I am trying to make current_user_can(‘editor’) work. Perhaps I will have to approach this differently to figure out whether a user is an Editor/Author…

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