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    I upgraded the Organize Series this morning on a client’s site, and It’s now exhausting my memory allocation. The error I am receiving is this:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 30720 bytes) in /MY ROOT/public_html/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php on line 13038

    This error is appearing on the dashboard under “Incoming Links” and “WordPress Blog”. Funnily enough, I’m ONLY getting this error in Safari – FF and IE don’t show it and everything works just fine (which is really weird to me since PHP errors aren’t browser-specific).

    The site also loads up REALLY slowly when I try to bring it up (on all browsers), so I’m assuming it’s because of the above error.

    If I deactivate the plugin, it works fine.

    I’m reverting back to an older version, but I figured I should report it. I’ll also mention that I am running WordPress 3.0.1 and PHP 5.2.14. I’m going to try and increase my memory_limit in my wp-config.php file – and that may take care of the problem – but I still thought this should be reported.

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  • Just a note – increasing my memory_limit via wp-config.php did work.

    This is a weird symptom that I haven’t experienced across my blogs with Organize Series but if it’s something that other users experience hopefully they’ll post here so we can see if there are any commonalities.

    I’ve actually experienced my sites load FASTER with the new version of Organize Series (as compared with the older version) because the code is more efficient and I eliminated some redundancy.

    Another thing is the reference to the class-simplepie.php in the error. This is used for getting, parsing and working with rss feeds (i.e. the feeds displayed in the dashboard). “IF” Organize Series is the cause it could be because memory is being exhausted before simplepie.php runs but like I said, this is the first report of memory errors.

    What version MySQL are you using?

    Just tried 3 sites I have running Organize Series in Safari and I’m not getting the error. (2 sites on the same host, one on a different host).

    Yes, I thought it was strange, as well – I didn’t figure the Organize Series would mess with the RSS (I know what the simplepie is for) which is why I figured I should report it. I can see how it’s *possible*, but I would consider it more on the “not likely.” but the reason I came to the conclusion was because I disabled all of my plugins and reverted back to the “default” theme, and the site worked fine until I enabled “Organize Series.” Even with all other plugins shut off, it still did it.

    As for what MySQL version… let me check that… 5.0.91-community (and if it helps, Apache 2.0.63)

    Again, when I increased the memory_limit (via wp-config.php) everything seemed to right itself. This isn’t a server I typically wok from, so I don’t know if the host had some weird config settings in order or what, so I’m willing to blame them, because otherwise, it’s an awesome plugin and VERY useful 🙂

    Did a little digging on the WordPress forums and came up with these:



    There are many more documents found using this google search:

    What I have found suggests that this is less a problem with Organize Series and more a problem with PHP memory limits set by the host. Which is why your fix worked. This is a good thread for if anyone else experiences the same symptoms.

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