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  • Hi maintainer,

    I haven’t seen a problem with this. Can you help me troubleshoot it? If I can replicate this I definitely want to fix it.

    1. I’m assuming you’re using WP3.3, are you also using the latest version of Organize Series? (currently v. 2.3.9)
    2. Are you using PHP 5.2+ (it’s required).
    3. To rule out potential theme conflicts: Can you try switching to the twenty-eleven theme temporarily and see if you still have problems? If not, then let me know the name of the theme as that could be the culprit.
    4. To rule out potential plugin conflicts: Try temporarily deactivating all your plugins and leave just Organize Series running. If it works, then try activating the plugins one by one until you see problems. Then let me know the name of the plugin and I’ll try to reproduce on my end.

    If all else fails, try redownloading and installing Organize Series in case there was a glitch in the install process and some files got corrupted.


    WP 3.3
    Organize Series 2.3.9
    PHP 5.2.17
    Issue persists with Twenty-eleven 1.3

    Ah, it’s a conflict with one of my plug-ins. I’ll test them against Organize Series one at a time and see which is at fault, I’ll report back, probably tomorrow, with the info.


    hi nerrad
    i am having the same problem on any new series i try to attach an icon to,
    i tried twenty – eleven
    and i disabled all my other plugins
    wordpress 3.3
    Web server
    Apache/1.3.41 (Unix) PHP/5.2.6 mod_psoft_traffic/0.2 mod_ssl/2.8.31 OpenSSL/0.9.8b mod_macro/1.1.2
    MySQL client version: 5.0.45
    PHP extension: mysql


    okay i just discovered the solution to the problem

    when selecting or uploading the image
    the “Link URL” parameter of the uploader has to be set to anything other than “None”

    that solved it

    thanks for posting your solution so others could find it comedyshoes!

    @comedyshoes Thank you, i had the same problem a few minutes ago but now it’s solved.

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for me. When I select the image, the preview is rendered. Nothing happens, when I want to save my changes. It seems to be, that instead of textual content, the right image reference isn’t inserted in the database.

    The problem may arise due to an incompatibility with certain PHP or MySQL versions. On my host, I got the following configuration:

    MySQL 5.0.32, PHP 5.2.17, Apache 2.2.11, WordPress 3.4.2

    On my localhost, I have this config, which works fine for me:

    MySQL 5.0.8, PHP 5.3.8, Apache 2.2.21, WordPress 3.4.2

    And yes, I already reinstalled organize series and deactivated all other plugins.

    zak start looking at any other differences between your localhost setup and remote. I see you deactivated all other plugins, are the themes the same too?

    I don’t *think* it’s an incompatibility between versions as your remote host is using the minimum PHP version.

    You also may want to try turning on WP_Debug and take a look at your javascript console as well, to see if there are any errors showing up on your remote host vs. your localhost as that could provide clues for what’s going on.

    I’m unable to reproduce this on any of my test beds at this point so that’s all I can help you with for now.

    Thank you for your quick response. I figured out, that the db table name were changed to lowercase, either while import or export: “c3po_orgseriesicons”. I’ve renamed the table to “c3po_orgSeriesIcons” and now it works fine.

    thanks for posting your fix.

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