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  • I use autolinks for automated external links, and it works beautifully. But now I find I need to implement internal keyword linking as well, using a separate set of keywords. I can’t do this with autolinks, because I need those external links to have “_blank” attached so they open into a new window. (Or maybe I could .. by hacking the plugin to recognize internal links by the domain and leaving off the _”blank.” Hmmm).

    Anyhow, this seems like a common problem and I wondered how others have solved it.

    Thanks for your thoughts …

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  • Do you mean having a keyword in one post link to another post or page in your blog?



    Yes, Jim, that’s exactly what I mean … I’d make a list like this:

    blue widgets = “/category/newwidgets/blue”;

    so that blue widgets was internally auto-linked whenever it appeared in the content

    etc. etc.

    make sense?



    Yes, that makes sense. I’ve used the acronym-replacer-revisited plugin to do this. You can find it at The description is in Spanish on the site, however. If you need help, just email me.



    WOW. Thanks!!! I appreciate it!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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