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    I’m not sure how to make that topic title any clearer, but here is what I am trying to accomplish…

    I would like to store a catalog of items in the database and make them available for inclusion into a post in the simplest way possible. In this case, there is a menu of beers on a site that I am working on that changes weekly. I want to know if there is a plugin, or any other way for the user to select from a list of stored items to have them inserted into a post. The ability to search and add new items would be a huge bonus, but I’m not greedy 😉

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  • A couple of years back, I wrote my own php code to do much of this from an external database. But I’ve recently discovered the WP-Table Reloaded plug-in at and will probably switch over to it.

    I haven’t explored it enough to know how much of what you want can be done by the plug-in, what associated plug-ins are available, or what php code I would have to write to do the rest: I recently switched over to the Shortcode Exec PHP plug-in for all my php coding.

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