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  • I have been searching high and low for a plugin that will let me hide certain posts from the public and make them readable only by selected registered users (as opposed to ALL registered users). PostLevels (plugin) was supposed to do this, but it does not work and has not been updated since early 2007. It seems to only function to hide posts from the public, but all screened posts are visible to all registered users — who can’t seem to comment, though, unless their level is okayed. Unfortunately, that’s insufficient security.

    Level2Categories only secures levels for users who post as opposed to users who only read. No one posts to my blog but me, so this is useless. And I lack the techspertise to write my own.

    For now, I’ll make do without but if anyone knows of a plugin that works with WP 2.6, I’d be thrilled to hear about it. Or you know, if you wanted to write one… 🙂

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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