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  • Plugin Author Derek Herman


    OptionTree is compatible with WordPress and whoever keeps pushing the “broken” button is misusing it. That button is for WordPress Compatibility not for themes. The plugin is not broken and I would appreciate it if you would stop telling people it is. If you have a problem with the plugin I can guarantee it’s a theme issue not a WordPress issue, they are two different things. If you have an issue with your themes compatibility contact the author and myself to see about patching the theme, plugin, or both. Please stop misleading people.


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  • Hello Derek, a quick question, there is any way to make checkbox (checked) in theme-options.php,

    Thank you

    Hello Derek, the same question. Try to make OptionTree as a theme included module. Created includes/theme-options.php for that. How to make checkbox checked by default. Code example:

            'id'          => 'search_on_off',
            'label'       => 'Search Block Show/Hide',
            'desc'        => 'Check to Show Search block',
            'std'         => '',
            'type'        => 'checkbox',
            'section'     => 'general_default',
            'choices'     => array(
                'value'       => 'On',
                'label'       => 'On',
                'src'         => ''

    ‘std’ => ‘On’, – not work

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    Hi Artem,

    I double checked and you’re correct, there is a bug in the code somewhere that is making it so checkboxes aren’t falling back to the standard value. I’ll take a look at why and get it patched in the next release. For now, you can continue working on your theme integration under the assumption it will be fixed in the next version. Sorry for the trouble and hopefully I’ll have it patched by the end of the week. Take care.

    Thanks for the quick response and your great plugin. I’ll wait for the new version.

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    You’re very welcome and thank you for bringing the bug to my attention.

    Hi Derek,
    When can we expect new version with checkbox patch? Approximate dates?


    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    Sometime this week.

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    @temash There’s a problem with allowing a standard value for checkboxes. If you set a standard value and the user decides to uncheck all of the boxes the standard value with then be forced on them and the user will think there’s a bug because they can’t uncheck the boxes.


    I am having problems changing my slider header images. It is for the Chow theme. The only way listed to edit this theme is through OptionTree. Any insight you can give?

    I will upload an image, it appears as though it has attached, but when I refresh the website, nothing changes.

    Nevermind, I was able to deactivate a few plugins and it started working.

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    What plugin was causing the issue?

    dear sir,
    i am new on wordpress.i am getting confuse how to use this plugin.please guide me.

    i have already create a textbox for change some text.and give a unique id .and also i have use this id those place where i want to change text.but there are nothing happening.

    please guide me.

    thanks in advance.

    Good morning Derek,

    My client updated their version of wordpress and plugins. Now they get this error when trying to login to their site.

    Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /home/uhbsm/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/option-tree/includes/ot-functions-admin.php on line 801

    I went in on the backend and disabled Option Tree. I’m then able to login to WP just fine. But the site looks crazy messed up. When I activate Option tree, the site returns to normal, but then logging in will bring up the message shown above.

    Any ideas, or anything you can suggest that would point me in the right direction?

    Here is the site:

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    Wow! I’ll try it and report back.

    I’m also working with the theme’s author to see if the theme itself may need an upgrade on this WP install. I’ll try your solution first and then check out for a theme update.

    Either way I’ll holler back & let you know. Thank you for your help on this. Truly appreciate it!

    (BTW, saw your new site & what all is coming, and I’m definitely going to subscribe) 🙂

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