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    Hey Everyone,

    I’m in the process of rebuilding OptionTree as we speak. I had mentioned on twitter that I would be ready for beta testing last week and that milestone was sadly missed. However, I have not stopped working to get an updated version out to you guys ASAP.

    I’m re-building the plugin from the ground up using the settings API so it’s more compatible with WP. As well, I have to write new docs, test compatibility and so many more things I don’t want to get into right now as my life literally revolves around OT 2.0. Anyhow, I’m one guy building this thing so I apologize for not coming on here earlier to comment and give you an update, but it’s getting worked on and the new version shouldn’t have any of the issue of the previous one, as they are completely different but still compatible.

    The realistic release date for 2.0 is more like 2 weeks from today because I’m taking every effort to not break a single person website during the upgrade. Again, sorry for the delay.


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  • Plugin Author Derek Herman


    If you want to beta test to make sure everything works with your themes prior to the release of v2.0 please contact me on twitter @valendesigns

    Wow! No apologies necessary Derek. I can’t tell you how much I use and appreciate the current version and search for anyone that has been able to add a wysiwyg editor to your plugin. Hopefully that’s in this build :). I’d love to try the beta. I’ll reach out on twitter, cheers and thanks for sucha great tool to my theme development.

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    The new version does indeed have a wysiwyg editor, the same one that WP uses in fact. There are two textarea option types one with the editor and one without. As well, you can filter the buttons to show more or less for each text editor depending on your needs for that specific instance.

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    So WordPress version 3.4 was released today and I have some good news. OptionTree 2.0 beta is working perfectly. So once I’ve got the finishing touches on it and have a release candidate, hopefully mid next week, we’ll all be in good shape.

    Amazing news Derek,
    I’m counting the days 🙂 I’m installing 3.4 for a few sites today and was actually wondering how your release would digest with it. Glad to hear things are getting along and keeping the release on schedule.

    How about making option tree working also with PLUGINS as oposed to only themes ? I mean, I know that it can be manually “adapted” , but I mean native support ..

    Does 2.0 store settings in a mySQL table like version 1.8 or does it use a multi-dimensional associative array like we talked about last year?

    I think the main issue was re-sorting the array once a setting field was dragged and dropped.

    Any teasers on what is coming in 2.0?
    Thanks & I look forward to it!

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    2.0beta is available for testing at but will be stable sometime next week as there are a few things I want to add still. If you find any bugs please fork the repo and do a pull request so I can merge your changes or create an issue with a detailed description.

    Also, it does not save in a custom table like 1.8, it’s now a multidimensional array that is saved in the options table as a single setting.


    Hi Derek, thanks so much for this plugin and your continued efforts to make it better and better. It’s guys like you that raise the bar in WordPress and bring about changes in core features (one day).

    As a code noob one thing I do well is learning from ‘reverse engineering’ and trial and error. I’d really love to see an import file and an associated example page of all the different fields (and variations) to see how the front end works with the admin backend.

    Thanks again, a little donation coming your way 🙂

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    I’ll add some docs for a demo settings array with all the fields available. Thanks for the donation!

    With which older WP-version does OT work perfectly?

    Hi Derek, did you get around to doing the demo settings?

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    I did write docs, have you installed 2.0rc3 yet?

    Ahhhh no i haven’t, do i download it here…

    I got the update… I guess what i was *really* looking for was two things.

    firstly an import file with a whole heap of different example of options available with this plugin (i know, there’s a lot!)

    and secondly, a template page with all those option codes that display those different options from the import file.

    That way I can compare the options panel to the codes that display those options and reverse engineer a new options page for my own theme.

    I’ a real code noob and often get stuck on simple php rules, so a working example would be peachy 🙂


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