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  • Just a request to allow the option to add an icon to the left or right of the headers.

    Creating a folder of default icons, or allowing the ability to add icon sets would be a huge bonus.

    Love the plugin. Had 3 classes already built for my own custom options but then found yours and dropped what I was building!

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  • Plugin Author Derek Herman


    So you want a way to change the OptionTree icon in the header? Do it with CSS.

    #framework_wrap #header h1

    I don’t think it is what I was referring.

    So here;s where I think you missed what I was asking – the CSS class you refer to is for the logo and all that jazz. Not what I meant to change – I like the logo reference.

    For better clarity lets assume you have created 3 sections, with a set of options for each section. The section names are as follows:


    Each one can be clicked to show a set of options. What I am referring is to those section headers.

    How would I add an icon for General, an icon for Header, and an icon for Footer and display the icon on the left (or right)?

    Does that help add clarity?

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    That does clarify lol. Sorry, must have read it wrong. Been up all night working on 1.1.7

    I’ll look into it for the next version.

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    We need to come up with a set of default icons.

    There are a lot of free icon sets under the GPL you could use. Considering the amount of work put into making life easy in the creation process it would be good to have a dropdown list of images to assign the new Header (or some other easy to use feature).

    For testing purposes you could simply add a dropdown with a generic directory “icons” and a made-up path to an image. Run a simple for(i=…) to populate it with a random number for the list and update the database with the selection.

    Assuming the basic test is easily down and assured you can then create a base array of 15-20 icons to put in the folder and create a path to.


    //icons are the standard 20px*20px size
    $icon_arr = array("tools.png", "questionmark.png", ...)
    $dir = ABSPATH . 'wp-content/plugins/plugin-folder/icons/img.gif'

    To make life easy for others to change the items I would create a seperate php file and/or class so that anyone can add/change/remove the icons. Especially if they have their own custom icons.

    I hope that all made sense.

    Also, you’ll likely want the xHTML hardcoded instead of relying on a stylesheet to limit issues when people change icons.


    <img src="" style="float:right;">

    WooThemes has released a lot of GPL icons that are pretty sweet looking. Here are 178, I think there are a couple more WooCon sets out there too.


    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    There isn’t enough 16px versions in that set. The 32px ones seem to big for the UI.

    I love these

    Probably the best set of icons for interface-related styles. have options bar in wp admin. Check it out.

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