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  • Hi there and Thank You very much for this outstanding plugin!

    With 1.1.8 version i’ve experienced little annoying bug, after uploading image (also in slider) the tabs stops working, and can’t navigate without refreshing browser. Do only i have such a problem or it’s common bug?

    thanks in advance.

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  • Plugin Author Derek Herman


    Not experienced it personally, there may be a plugin that’s colliding with the JS. Can you test this by deactivating your other plugins and testing that it still is broken. If it works with all the plugins deactivated then there is a collision somewhere and you’ll need to reactivate one at a time to find the one causing the problem. If that isn’t the issue come back and we’ll try something else.

    Hi there, thanks for quick response.

    I removed all other plugins and problem still exists.

    Trying to figure this one out as well, all the sudden it just stopped working, maybe an update? I cant remember if I updated or not.. anyways, firebug throws a 404 error when trying to add an image via the upload panel, can’t figure out why though…

    Plugin Author Derek Herman


    Is it on Multisite or single? Do you have a widget added to your theme that uses the window.send_to_editor in its JavaScript? Can you email me with login details to your site so I can debug it with firbug?

    I got the same behavior but i can add some details. When I push the “Add to OptionTree” button, it makes an ajax call and my firebug track this response :

    I’m using Firefox 8.0 / Wordpres 3.2.1 / OptionTree

    Hope this helps.

    I also have this bug. If i set an upload field, upload an image and then save the settings, the theme options do not load! Without getting an error either. Weirdly enough this only happens in my local testing enviroment and not in the live server. So this is maybe a server configuration setting? Can anyone help?

    It seems that the bug i’ve described was caused by wordpress itself (3.2.1).

    I’ve tested in 3.3 beta and everything works perfectly.

    obviously im having the same issue… when does 3.3 version of WP come out?

    Nvm last post… I am using V3.3 and this bug still persists. I have my logo saved in the correct place and I go to upload it and I Add To Option Tree and the default logo (in this case NewLine) dissappears to be replaced with a blank area even though I have the image and its File URL uploaded as the logo… When I upload media to my WP account it does not show me a preview of my images… might that have something to do with it?

    Any help… can’t meet my deadline if I can’t upload a logo to the site.

    I have same issue, image uploading works fine in localhost but not on live server.

    Please help me out…

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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