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  • Hi, I am using the totally awesome plugin called optiontree which makes it so much easier for my client to update content.

    Question regarding retrieving images for the slider.
    In essence I would like to retrieve a thumbnail version of the slider image in option tree [ i.e. the_post_thumbnail(‘my-new-image-size’) ]

    Currently my image tag looks like this <img src="'.$slide['image'].'" alt="'.$slide['title'].'" /> and would like to bring in the thumbnail (‘my-new-image-size) version for the slider instead of the full size.

    I hope that makes sense. Thank you in advance

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  • Ditto. It seems like a logical feature to implement too, I mean, why return only the full-size image when WordPress already has built-in support for various (including custom) thumbnail sizes? It’s very unlikely that users will upload images with consistent dimensions, so returning the full-size image is useless for a slider, which by its very nature requires consistent image dimensions! I sure hope this gets resolved soonish :/

    @ Derek Herman: Perhaps, where get_option_tree() currently returns an array with [image] => *URL* it should instead return [image] => *array with each WordPress image/thumbnail-size as the key and its URL as the value*? Does that make sense, or am I just being stupid?

    I could really use this feature as well. It doesn’t make sense for me to use OT for a slider unless I have this option. Has there been an update or solution for this? I can’t seem to find one.

    I know it’s been a while for you guys but I thought I would send you a link to what I found.

    I know it’s not really cool to repost stuff but this seemed to be in the wrong spot and wasn’t getting any traction.

    So I reasked the question in the OptionTree forum.

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