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  • Ditto. Doesn’t work for me either 🙁

    I had the same issue tonight when installing. It seems the latest version works, but is only available on the author’s site.


    Plugin Author Brian-Terry


    Hi Steve,

    Just to let you know I’ll be adding the OptinPop upgrade to version 4.0 to the WordPress plugin repository over the next week. All installation issues from that source will be fixed.

    When you get the upgrade from here:

    …everything will install without any issues.

    Many thanks!

    Great to hear, Brian! Will future versions be updated in the plugin repository more quickly? Or should we check the website periodically for updates?


    Plugin Author Brian-Terry


    Hi Steve

    I’m aiming to get things set up so you’ll be told of updates to the free version from within the WordPress Dashboard as soon as they’re in the repository.

    If you’re on my mailing list I’ll also let you know via email of updates to both the free and advanced versions of OptinPop.

    You can join the updates list here…

    When you subscribe I’ll also send you videos that show you useful strategies for getting the most out of OptinPop and OptinPop Advanced.

    Many thanks!

    Hi Brian, even the new version is not working for me.

    I am trying to use with feedburner on my Google Tricks Blog

    The firebug console says – Error in parsing value for ‘filter’. Declaration dropped.

    Plugin Author Brian-Terry


    Hi abhis2.0 – Are you using the most recent version of WordPress? It’s critical that you’re using version 3.0+

    Because OptinPop uses the jQuery Library it’s very sensitive to other plugins and themes that use it in an incorrect way or aren’t coded that well.

    Also OptinPop places it’s code within the footer section of a blog so if a theme doesn’t load this section the popup won’t load.

    Some themes don’t load the footer section amazingly enough so no footer actions are triggered.

    I have a 7 point troubleshooting guide here that might help you…

    All the best!


    First of all, thanks for the quick response Brian.

    I am using latest version of wordpress and optinpop. the js and css are loading.

    It looks like jquery call jQuery.fancybox is not working.
    IE says the this method is not supported.

    What should I do?

    Aha, it worked like a charm … apparently your trouble shooting guide helped 🙂

    Plugin Author Brian-Terry


    Hi abhis2.0 – no problem.

    Glad it’s OptinPop is working for you now.

    If you need anything else just let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

    Well, Fancybox doesn’t seem to work in IE7. The fade effect isnt working.

    Plugin Author Brian-Terry


    Hi abhis2.0 – I.E. 7 is one of the buggiest most least secure browsers ever created so I’m not surprised it’s not working.

    All I can suggest is try using a newer browser.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help.

    Already posted on the optinpop website, base fact, the new wordpress version does NOT seem to work in Chrome. If I use the version 4.0 from their website, all works just fine. Also of note, when deactivating the plugin, deleting the files, and reverting versions, something is left behind and NOT cleared from the database as after reverting then reactivating, OLD settings show in the new activated files admin area. I suspect name changes between the original optinpop and their new optinpop-yadda-yadda-yadda file structure might also be a part of the solution, I could be wrong on the later, but the previous about things left behind I’m certain because I witnessed that with the process.

    Also, good luck with the popup templates it talks about in the admin panel for registering, I registered and have yet to see anything. It also makes it look like you have to register to use it, but looking at their site later you find out that was only an option. Nice to know it’s an option and not required after the fact.

    Plugin Author Brian-Terry


    Hello Trogar

    I’m sorry to hear of the problems you were having.

    Do you mean version 4.1 was not working in Chrome?

    Can you let me know so we can investigate this and get it working for you?

    You can get 7 free optin templates here…

    I’ve also got 4 free themes for you here…

    If ever you get stuck for blog post ideas here’s a video tutorial I created that will show you a very simple strategy…

    I hope this helps!


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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