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    Worked fine for me.

    Did you add the variables?

    u value = 2e36570cd0aceca6712015097
    id value = 7639c92ecc
    Action value =

    Make sure you click save in Optin Revolution.

    AHA! I was entering in the rather than

    Thank you for the fast response time and support!

    Plugin Author Optin Revolution


    Cool! We will get some videos up hopefully end of next week to clear up these problems.

    I am having the same issue. mailchimp not integrating.

    here’s my mailchimp embed code:

    <form action=”” method=”post” id=”mc-embedded-subscribe-form” name=”mc-embedded-subscribe-form” class=”validate” target=”_blank” novalidate>

    here’s what i entered in optin revolution:

    u= 9c632e46f2fab44ff2a95d9c5
    Id= ef94249bb8

    does this look right?

    Plugin Author Optin Revolution


    Yes it dose look correct. Please check what you have entered into optin revolution lite and make sure there are no &

    If you are still having problems send me the complete form code and I will test. support [at]

    ok, just tried again and is not working. emailing you now. thanks.

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks again for your recent help.

    I have general question this time; I think!

    I’m using Mailchimp and have a Free Report to offer through the Optin Form. How do I send the user back to my site after they’ve gotten their book? Better yet, how do I keep them on my site so that they can make a purchase, and simply send them a download link for the Free Report?


    John Miller

    Plugin Author Optin Revolution


    Hi John, A little out of the scope of Optin Revolution. But here’s a little free advice.

    That comes down to how you funnel your subscribers. After they subscribe send them to a page on your site where there is a download link to get the free report, provide a link in the follow up email to the download page not a link to the free report. That way you can provide further information on the benefits on your paid product on the download page to and/or add links and benefits in the free report for your paid product.

    With Optin Revolution Lite when the person subscribes it should open in a new page and leave what ever page they left still open.

    Somehow, some way, the pop up no longer appears. Not sure why, but have an idea or two. Could you help?

    Thanks again.

    John Miller

    Thanks for the advice on funneling subscribers.


    Plugin Author Optin Revolution


    John just tested it’s working for me maybe you need to clear your cookies, there’s a button to clear your Optin Revolution Lite cookie under the settings.

    Thanks. You guys are the coolest!

    John Miller.

    Why did the “First Name” and “Last name” fields dissapear when I selected mail chimp?

    Plugin Author Optin Revolution


    First Name and Last Name is supported in the Pro version for all email providers and as of the next release only email field will be support across all email providers in lite.

    I just downloaded the ap and configured it nicely. Everything looks great. I got my mailchimp account set up with it perfectly, but then when it is activated. the background is not there, the whole popup window is transparent and the window shows up halfway off my screen so I can’t even close it. The only thing I can do to get off the screen is use my back button and turn the popup off.

    Is there something I’m missing?



Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 31 total)
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