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  • am I wrong or does this plugin add the first image it finds as the og:image? Could it be modified to check if a post has a featured image and take that if it exists, falling back onto the first image of a post if there is no featured image?

    Also it seems this plugin defines the full-size image as og:image, shouldn’t it rather take the thumbnail version?

    talking about og:description – can this be changed to use the meta description that some SEO plugins create? i.e. AIO SEO pack or others?

    and btw. does Gogle+ also use the same opengraph data?

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  • Plugin Author Will Norris


    The plugin uses the post thumbnail for the image. Note that your theme will need to support post thumbnails. Otherwise, you can override the image by using the ‘opengraph_image’ filter.

    Any plugin can override the post description by using the ‘opengraph_description’ filter.

    Yes, Google+ will make use of Open Graph data (see )

    Thanks Will but I am unsure if I got you right:

    – if my theme implements Post thumbnails but i.e. for a certain post the editor forgot to set the featured image, nothing will be displayed, right?
    So my question would be if you could change the plugin so it checks first whether a post has a featured thumbnail via if has_post_thumbnail() and if not check whether that post has any attached images and if it has use the first one, if not fall back onto something (i.e. have an option inside the plugin where the admin can set a default fall back image)

    Anyway, I just realize this is getting way too long, so maybe you could (if you don’t mind) explain what defaults your plugin is using for which field on the FAQ page? Just so people know what will be used instead of having to try and se what the results are?

    Plugin Author Will Norris


    I just released v1.4 which will now include all attached images for a post. I don’t yet have a fallback image for cases where the article doesn’t have any images. Right now, the plugin doesn’t have any admin UI at all, and I’m trying to keep it that way as long as possible… keeps things really simple.

    Plugin Author Will Norris


    as for pulling og:description from the meta tag, there’s really no clean way to do that from my end, since every SEO plugin does it differently. The standard way that WordPress supports a per-post description is with the excerpt, so that’s what I use.

    I took a look, and most SEO plugins seem to include open graph tags themselves, though they don’t have near the extensibility of the opengraph plugin.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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