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  • Yeah, the screenshots look cool until you actually try to use a site with this installed.

    First of all, not all of the content on your site is displayed when using this theme. This is made worse by the fact that there is absolutly no way for an iPad user to view the normal website! iPad users are stuck with this junk, so think long and hard before enabling this.

    Next, the theme itself isn’t all that great. It isn’t always obvious what you can click on.
    “I see a story, I tap on it, nothing happens.”
    As a web admin, be prepared to get a lot of questions/complaints from confused iPad users asking where “the real website” went.

    Overall the whole thing feels sluggish and not terribly functional. Yeah, the screenshots look really cool, but make sure you play around with it a bit before deploying on a live site.

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  • Agreed. To get posts to actually open I had to hit the menu button and choose all posts. Then they will open. Disappointed, but hopeful! Fix it and I will re-enable it.

    Agreed also. I have some experience with WP stuff but cant’s get this one to function properly. Using WP 3.1.1, no other plugins installed, i have some pages, posts with different categories.

    Nothing swipes on my iPad2. The menu button in the right top corner doesn’t do anything. Or did i made a mistake and installed the noswipe plugin? Hmmm…

    Anyone got some suggestions?

    Looks like i got it working now. I cleared the Safari cache and deleted cookies. Works fine now!

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