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  • Something is severly wrong with this plugin.
    My main site get all ok, all backup works.
    But it takes about 1h to backup 200.000 kb?????? NOT EVEN 1MB

    The other 3 indicates hordes of Unexpected stop and backup times up to 19h????

    I am wondering how fat the chance is that my hosting will kicking me for hammering on their severs for 19h.

    Just look at this one

    13th Okt 2011 4.20.19 f m 13th Okt 2011 5.14.57 e m 12 h 54 m 38 s Unexpected stop Scheduled Backup 0 B (0 files) 0 B (0 files) View Events (4)

    12H and failed

    5 mins later

    13th Okt 2011 5.14.57 e m 13th Okt 2011 5.22.25 e m 7 m 28 s Successful Scheduled Backup Compressed Encrypted 96.68 KiB (3 files) 20.52 MiB (1428 files) View Events (11)

    It was done in 7m.

    All sites work like charm tops 2 mins in manual mode. So why 1h+ in automatic, and why no timeout after 25 mins or so.

    Basic 90% of all backups during 3 days are lost in cyberspace.

    What the heck is going on here, clearly the backup works, well atleast if you run it manual.

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    When you run manual and watch it your browser keeps asking for status which keeps the backup going.

    In automatic the only way to run is to trigger backup when a user visits your site. If you rarely get visits this will happen and you’ll receive alot of unexpected errors (which is when the time between visits is very long and it aborts.)

    It’s not draining resources as it only runs in segments and the inactivity is what cause the long time periods and the eventual stop.

    In next release were improving this so the backup tries to simulate user visits and “self-cycle” so that it runs continuously and doesn’t rely on user visits.


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