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    First thing to do is have a quick glance over our FAQ at
    If you can’t find anything useful there, what to do next depends on the subject.

    For support queries (problems, errors, etc.): Post a new topic in this forum
    For account queries (quota increase request, deletion request, etc.): Email support “at” – Remember to include your username! Be aware that responses could take more than a week
    If in doubt, post a new topic in this forum first!

    Please try to refrain from adding to existing topics unless you are absolutely sure you have the same issue. In most cases it is best to raise a new topic. It keeps everything tidy and helps us to help you.

    When posting a support query in this forum we’ll need a few bits of information from you. So please do try to provide as much of this information as you can.

    • Can you reproduce the problem? Does it happen occasionally or all of the time?
    • How do you reproduce the problem? For example, scheduled backup runs, you run a manual backup with the download option, etc.
    • Include with your post the Event Log for any activities you have a problem with. Click Activity Log and then click View Events next to the problematic activity.

    There is no need to provide any usernames or website URLs and we would never ask for them in the forum. If we did need such information we’d give you an email address to send it to.



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  • My automatic backup earlier today failed, so I have just tried to back up manually.

    But, I got an error, and this message showed –

    The backup failed: The server attempted to retrieve the data, but received junk from your blog. This can happen if your blog is not accessible over the internet. Otherwise, you may have a third-party plugin installed that is changing the backup data as the server tries to receive it. Please contact support if this is the case so we may improve compatibility.

    My blog is

    I don’t have any plugins that aren’t on my other blogs, besides which, I haven’t installed any new plugins on this blog for a little while now, yet previous backups have been successful.


    Plugin Author Online Backup


    Hi freedom1,

    It may be the backup is out of sync. I’ve flagged it as such so it should synchronise on next backup. Can you run the backup again and check it now works and report back?

    NB: If you could, raise a new topic in this forum instead of responding here as this is a sticky just to tell people how to get support.


    Hi Jason,

    Really sorry for posting in this sticky thread. I realised after I’d done it but it was too late to delete it and then create a new one in the proper area.

    I have run a backup and it worked fine, many thanks for your help.

    Is it possible for you to move my posts over to start up a new thread? Or, if you prefer to just delete everything after the initial post by BackupTechnology?

    I’ll be sure to create any future threads in the proper place.

    Plugin Author Online Backup


    Hi freedom1,

    Don’t worry about it! I can’t actually move anything around here so never mind 🙂

    Hi all, I’m trying to make this work. I downloaded the plug-in, extracted the files and…nada. Am I missing something (like a solid IT background)? How do I get the plug-in into WP? I downloaded/extracted twice, reloaded WP. Thanks, Nancy

    Ignore my prior post, I finally figured it out. I’m old, ya know! Thanks anyway. Nancy

    I did the backup but i didnt create any Encryption key and now after my backup the system is asking me about the Encryption type…

    What should i do?

    Plugin Author Online Backup


    Are you on decrypt a backup page? Have you tried leaving it set to encryption none?



    The amount of memory required to encode the backup into email format will use up more memory than PHP currently has available. Your backup is 12.91 MiB and PHP only has enough memory for a backup of approximately 3.84 MiB. Try reducing the size of your backup to this amount.

    What does it mean? How can I increase the ammount of php? or how can i reduce the size of my backup.? Thanks

    Plugin Author Online Backup


    Please raise a new topic and don’t post in here. Thanks.

    The plugin will automatically try to increase the amount of PHP memory. If it can’t it generally reports this error for even small backup sizes. You’ll need to contact your host for more PHP memory. If you go to “Help & Support” in our plugin it will tell you your current memory “Mem: XM”.

    To reduce size of backup just exclude some folders in the General Settings that you don’t want to backup. However, at 12.91 MiB there’s probably very little you can exclude to get it down to 3.84 MiB. That’s a very low memory limit…

    Best thing might be to use our online vault instead of emailing as it will give you 100 MiB storage free.


    I am trying to backup my site both online and locally so that I can download the word press update and I continue to receive the following message:
    The activity cannot proceed any further due to an unknown problem. Please visit the Help & Support section for information on where to find help.

    1. All scheduled backups have failed or stopped unexpectedly.

    2. I have tried, online, email and local.

    3. Online Backup for WordPress Plugin Version 3.0.1
    WordPress Version: 3.1.1 (standalone)
    PHP Version: 5.4.17
    Server Software: Apache
    MySQL Server Version: 5.1.67-log
    MySQL Client Version: 1.0; MySQL Packet Size: 10 MiB
    Memory: 256M; Post: 8M; Upload: 40M; Timeout: 50000
    Memory Changable: Yes; Admin Cache Size: 57.34 KiB
    Status: 1 row, 18.71 KiB packet size, 51.92 KiB cache freed, 6.11 MiB memory used
    Capabilities: hashcopy gzdeflate php5hash DES AES128 AES192 AES256
    End of Information

    Plugin Author Online Backup



    Please raise a new topic and don’t post in here. Thanks.
    I will need more information too, such as an event log for one of the failed backups, and the last message it shows on the progress bar before it fails. Please post it in a new topic.



    Hi, I had to delete this plug in as it allowed advertising links to a range of content throughout the site.

    This happened when I added the online version on one of my sites. Did I miss something in the conditions perhaps?

    I was about to set it up again without the online version so just wanted to check with you.


    Plugin Author Online Backup


    Hi Melissamac,

    Please raise a new topic and don’t post in here. Thanks.

    I don’t know what you mean by “allowed advertising links to a range of content throughout the site”. We do not utilise any form of advertising and our plugin does not communicate with any external site with the exception of “” – and it only ever communicates with that site when you enable online backup by entering username and password on Online Backup Settings tab.

    Our plugin is truly free, it is not share ware and doesn’t generate any revenue whatsoever.

    If you need to response, please raise a new topic.





    thanks. .sorry.. could not see where to raise a new topic.. am new to the areas.. must be blind..
    but as I have reinstalled the back up without the “online option” ie only using local back up. all seems good.
    If I use online and it happens again.. will keep screen shot or something thanks .

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