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Backup failed to mail, then failed to Online Vault (2 posts)

  1. sstowell
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Online backup 2.2.6
    First backup failed due to Timeout on email of the 8.13 MB backup file (which I was able to download, but not sure if/how to use now).
    So I registered at the Online Vault, and scheduled a new backup destined for online storage.
    It seemed to run forever, and at last check I see:

    Activity ID: 2
    Activity Type: Scheduled Backup
    Settings: Sent to Online Vault
    Completion: Unexpected stop
    Backup Size: 0 B (0 files)
    Total Size: 0 B (0 files)

    Start Time: 10th Sep 2012 10.39.38 AM
    End Time: 10th Sep 2012 7.15.15 PM

    Online vault shows my domain and a 0 length backup file, although the last notation in the log before the final "Unexpected stop" reads:
    10th Sep 2012 2.47.24 PM

    Not so useful so far!


  2. Online Backup
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi sstowell,

    There is sometimes problems sending to email which are out of our control. If the backup file is too big it will just not send. Since the plugin just passes the file to PHP and WordPress it leaves our control so there is little we can do. We do have checks to detect files too large for email but they aren't 100% effective and we're constantly improving them.

    Regarding the errors sending to the online vault. Can you post the full event log? It should shed some light.



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