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  • I have a multisite WP installation hosted on a web-hotel. One of the sites is an educational one for teaching a language. I wonder, if there is a plugin or online service I could use for comparing pronunciations. That is, I provide a model pronunciation, the user speaks and the software returns an evaluation, how close the user’s speech was from the one I provided. The other site does not need this functionality.

    For the record, the language to be taught, is not English.

    A possible tricky part is, that this is a pro-bono project, i.e. I’m not getting paid. The users are not charged nor there is any sponsor, but I have to pay everything from my own pocket. That pretty much excludes anything above a couple of ten euros.

    Any pointers appreciated.

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  • One more alternative if the above is not feasible. Is there a speech to text quiz plugin, i.e.

    • I record a model speech and provide it in text
    • a user speaks and this is turned into text
    • the texts are compared and user informed, what was wrong if any
    • ?

    I very much doubt if PHP or Javascript can form part of this audio signal analysis system, hence I can’t see anything for you in WordPress. Just maybe iOS or android are a better match, good luck in scouting through the various appstores.


    I understand that. I know, that there is Google Speech API, that you can call. IIUC, it does speech-to-text recognition. Now, is there a plugin, that uses that API?

    I’m aware, that there are plugins, that allow you to dictate your posts, but what I’m searching is a plugin, that allows a user to speak and have that speech turned into text for comparison against a text I have provided.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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