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  • Wouldn’t on the next indexing of your site Google and other search engines re-index this same exact content as a newer date and then, upon repetition of this happening, say: “hmmm, looks like they’re just spinning the same content with newer dates, let’s give them demerit points.” (that’s the Google search indexing algorhythm thinking to itself)

    There are some plugins that run top-clicked or most-commented posts in your sidebar. Outside of that, I think the best way to really promote an old post is to revisit the topic, update the information at the top of that one, or in a new one that links back to that one, which let’s people know it’s a series of content.

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  • I do this by hand now and Google just gets excited and so to all the social networks – they love it. There’s no penalty here.

    You get to leave out posts that were time critical at the time of the original post but there are many topics that just get lost deep within a website.

    The social websites may have never seen this article and you are simply alerting them that this might be an article worth reading. They view the content and link to it which bolsters Google’s original impression of the article. Google is happy, the social networks are happy and so should the website that alerted them of useful information.

    The social websites are FAR more powerful than Google now and they don’t work like Google – they work on what’s happening right now and not 3 months ago. Google realizes this is not about to punish a website for simply bringing this up useful information to the present.

    There is NO Google duplicate content penalty since the same article remains but is just “Bumped”; it appears once in the website.

    There is nothing black-hat here.

    Hello, perrymyk,

    thanks for making this clear.

    I don’t know how G. handles this. I guess this reverse engineering of the search engine’s algorithm is to no vail.

    I only stick to one rule: Write for humans! I don’t tune my page for any machines whatsoever.

    That’s why I implemented the possibility to exclude certain categories which are date sensitive (News, Headlines etc.). If I want one post to be on top again it is my simple decision.

    I don’t care about how G, Y, or might handle or even punish it.

    And I basically use this plugin to drive my spinned posts to twitter (with twitterfeed) which gives me more traffic than all the search engines together.


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