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  • Plugin Author bobbingwide


    Hi David, that’s a feature of oik.

    You can turn it of by creating some custom CSS that overrides its behaviour.

    Visit oik options > options to set a custom CSS file
    Type the custom CSS file name ( e.g. custom.css ) and Save changes
    Visit oik options > overview and click on the Edit Custom CSS link
    Insert this CSS
    a[href*=’.pdf’] { background-image: none; padding-left: 3px; }

    Alternatively take a look at the link to see how I do the same sort of thing using the [bw_pdf] shortcode.

    PS. In a future version of oik, the inclusion of oik’s styling (oik.css and bwlink.css) will become optional.

    I hate that I got several things that I didn’t want/need, like all those plugins that come with the base and also stuff like this. I added the css and still it doesn’t work!

    I have the same problem. The custom css simply does not work for me, I have tried both:
    a[href*=’.pdf’] { background-image: none; padding-left: 3px; } and
    div.noicon a[href*=’.pdf’] { background-image: none; padding-left: 3px; }

    but it makes no difference. I use oik for cookie cat and privacy policy on numerous sites. The majority of these sites offer pdf downloads in lots of different ways, NONE of which require a mini pdf icon – in fact it simply detracts from the aesthetic in most instances.

    Can a fix be provided please, as the alternate is that I stop using oik because there are too many client complaints!

    Plugin Author bobbingwide


    Hi brewtal. In the next version of oik all the other plugins will relocate themselves to become separate plugins in their own right…. so eventually they will no longer be delivered in the oik base.

    peterarees can you give me an example of a site so that I can see the issue.
    The next version of oik is imminent. I was going to hold off making changes to the unwanted CSS. But now I’ve decided to include the changes in this version. Those changes will involve setting a specific class for each shortcode so that I no longer deliver generic CSS that can harm the theme.

    thanks for everything, great plugins, but please make them separate 🙂

    Hi bobbingwide

    Thanks for getting back on this. Unfortunately I have no examples left. In some instances I was calling a larger pdf icon, so was getting 2 icons, in these cases I have simply removed the larger icon. In other instances I resorted to using a download button, this was then corrupted with the mini icon as well as overriding the colour, so in this case I’m afraid oik got zapped.

    I really like the functionality you offer, but I simply haven’t got the time to fiddle with ‘rogue’ behaviour.

    I will try again when the next version arrives.


    Plugin Author bobbingwide


    Hi peter, I’m working on the problem right now.

    I would really appreciate it if you could produce an example of the problem on a site where you were unable to make override.css work. Otherwise I will not have any test data against which to validate the fix.


    I understand your problem, unfortunately the site I was having the problem with is now live, and the pages with pdf downloads are all PPC campaign landing pages. If I reactivate oik it will corrupt the download buttons, and I have a very unhappy client.

    I will try to recreate it on a less sensitive site, but it won’t be until next week sometime.


    Plugin Author bobbingwide


    ok. I’ve been working hard on changing the oik.css file in the last couple of days, making the selectors more specific OR moving them to the bwlink.css file which will only be enqueued when the child plugin oik-bob-bing-wide is activated.

    If you could tell me the live site I should be able to recreate the problem in my own environment.

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