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  1. wildcatjrotcbooster
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I setup 11 groups with officers in them. The last few groups will not display in the correct order. I have tried deleting an reentering but nothing works. I can reorder in the manager, but when they display they are out of order. I have listed each type that I want displayed in the order I want them displayed, but they are still out of order.


  2. wildcatjrotcbooster
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Sorry for the caps in the subject, didn't realize they were on until I reviewed my post.
    I worked around the ordering by using the shortcode multiple times in the order I needed. I am still having a problem with the ordering in the email contact form though. Since this website is for a JROTC Battalion & booster club, they take their rank ordering very seriously. Right now I just have the instructors and booster club directors. If I display all, the last 5 or so are out of order in the form, but show in the correct order in the manager. I have even had the same problem using types and selecting them in the correct order. The errors don't show now, but when school starts I would like to have all the contacts listed. List using work around http://wildcatbattalionjrotc.org/leadership/ adnd contact form http://wildcatbattalionjrotc.org/contact-form/

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