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  • Thank you!

    I’m not exactly sure what you mean, could you explain it a bit more?

    The Email Address Encoder converts plain email addresses and mailto: links.

    well, i started with Email Address Encoder, but wanted an extra layer of security, and as HoneyPot Project suggests mixing techniques is the best protection

    EAE converts all mail links and plain text into html entities, and i thought: “ain’t there any bot capable of decoding entities?”
    so i went for extra protection, and Obfuscate E-mail does a very good obfuscation but does not convert mailto links, and me thinks “ain’t there any bot capable of reading the source code?”

    hence, using both plugins seems to be top notch protection

    I mean no disrespect to the plugin author, but email address obfuscation was all the rage four or five years back. There were all sorts of javascript, ASCII, rot(13) schemes and such. Then the math and crypto folks analyzed them and pronounced that anything a program could encode, a ‘bot could decode.

    I’d like to believe this will work, but is there any evidence?

    Again, no disrespect to the author – Just looking for a solution that really works!

    Aah, I see, thanks brasofilo.

    woodp: The only evidence that I know of is that my inbox is spam free since 10 years, maybe most bots are just too lazy to decode… That’s why I wrote the simple plugin using exact this technique. To be 100% sure, I’d use a contact form and a smug sentence like: “My name is Drew, and this is my domain,”

    Isn’t that clearly?

    “No set of techniques will completely protect an address posted on the Internet from a resourceful spammer. Even with these techniques in place, you should still consider only posting alternative addresses that may be compromised. Whenever possible, keep your primary address off publically accessible websites entirely.”

    Email address obfuscation is a dream to nice to be true. 😉 The best experience of protection I had with contact forms.

    I would appreciate any other ideas…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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