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  1. mfalk75
    Posted 4 years ago #

    So I want to use the Partner Settings to connect with a couple of friends blogs. So far I put their websites on my blogroll and selected the blogroll under partner settings. So far it just says "not ready" next to their name. Does the other blog have to do something or have nRelate installed as well?

    Also, I set the option to only pull 1 from the partner settings. Does this mean it will always pull 1 no matter what, even if there are not post that are closely related? Thank You



  2. @mfalk75 - There is a 2 business day waiting period for blogroll content to become Ready. This is because we manually approve all blogroll content before fetching it. What is your site's URL so we can check on this?

    We also have a support forum at http://nrelate.com/forum for more help.

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  3. mfalk75
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks Katrina, my site URL is http://www.gearupandplay.com
    The Partner site URL I'm trying to link with is http://www.thenomadicfamily.com/

    It's been over 2 days.

    Also, my other question. Lets say I am showing 4 related post and I set the option to 1 for Maximum number of related posts to display from this site's blogroll. Will it always show 1 from the partner even if my site has content that is more closely related?

    Thanks again

  4. @mfalk75 -- We resolved this issue a while back via our support forum at nrelate.com/support, but I am closing out tickets here and wanted to make sure that you received a response on this page as well.

    If you set the plugin to show 1 related link from your blogroll, 1 related link will always show from the partner even if your site has content that is more closely related.

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