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Are related links still Javascript? (3 posts)

  1. andersvinther2
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I just read the review by Yoast and was wondering if the problems he mentions have been fixed.


    "Here comes my biggest gripe with the plugin though: the way it works, is that it adds these related links with JavaScript. As an SEO, I want these links there for SEO reasons too, and I want them in my content."



  2. anilagarwal
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Now you can No java Script version of nrelate plugin as well. This version will be indexed by search engines and you will get all the search engine benefits..

    But the problem I'm finding with No JS format is formatting. I'm trying to find a solution for it and will again activate this plugin on my blog once the formatting problem is fixed.

  3. @andersvinther2 -- For better SEO, you can use the non-javascript version of our plugin. This option is located on the plugin's settings page. Non-javascript allows for links to be indexed by search engines. The only difference between non-js vs. js is that with non-js, cache clearing happens on both your end as well as ours (with js cache clearing is only on our end).

    It's also worth it to note that with either version of our plugin, we are definitely better for SEO than some of the other related content plugins out there, which can re-direct your links through there own site, which we guarantee that we NEVER do so 'link-juice' is all yours to keep.

    @anilagarwal -- Thanks for providing everyone with the additional information :). Glad to see that you were able to resolve your formatting issues while continuing to use the non-js version of our plugin.

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