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    I have used Subscribe2 for years and it has always worked well, until now.

    There are two ways to subscribe – via the widget in the sidebar and via a checkbox when making a comment – and they both behave differently.

    When I logout and test the widget by entering an email address, it takes me to the subscribe page, but no email is sent to that address and it isn’t added to the list of subscribers. But when I use the checkbox below the comment box, I don’t go to the subscribe page, I still don’t get an email, but the address is added to the subscription list.

    I have tested the email via Settings – Templates – Send Email preview and that seems to work OK.

    I don’t know how long this hasn’t been working properly, but I think it is only in the last month because my last subscriber was a month ago. I have upgraded WP at least once in that time.

    But I am at a loss. Shouldn’t both processes be the same? Shouldn’t both take you to the subscribe page, and send an email? Has anyone had similar problems?

    I am using WP 4.5, Genesis Framework, Minimum Pro them. I have tried deactivating all my other widgets (I use about 10) but it made no difference.

    Two other curious facts …..

    1. My Subscribe to comments plugin has started playing up at the same time. I don’t know if there could be any connection.

    2. I have a dummy site, which is basically the same, but without all the content, and after Subscribe2 initially stopped working, it is now working again. I simply don’t know how that can be.

    I realise this is probably too much to solve at this distance, but any thoughts on how to solve it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • @unklee,

    The widget and the comment form are different processes.

    On the comment form if you posted a comment you’d want to stay on that page and see your comment – being redirected is a good user experience.

    The Widget is purely for signup – it can redirect to another page or back to itself. It seems you are redirecting so I suspect you don’t have the Subscribe2 shortcode or widget available on that redirected page and that’s why it doesn’t work. Either add the shortcode to that page or change the Widget settings so it redirects to the referring page and it should work.

    Hey Mattyrob, that seems to have been the problem alright. It seems to be working now. Thanks a lot.

    I am thankful to get it working again, but I don’t understand. I thought it worked before without the shortcode on the subscribe page, which suggests something has changed in how the widget works, but perhaps I was mistaken.

    BTW, did you originally write this plugin? You seem to be answering a lot of questions about it.


    It’s always worked that way – perhaps the Widget was in the sidebar on the landing page before and isn’t now – or maybe it just never worked very well.

    I did used to be the author but sold the plugin and handed it over to new developers – I still dip in on here though as the majority of the code is mine still so I’m probably the best person to offer advice.

    Thanks again for your input. The awful thought is that it hasn’t been working right for years, but against that, I’ve had over a hundred subscribers and I don’t think I had the checkbox below the comment box for most of that time, so ….?

    Anyway, thanks for your help, after you told me I found the reference to the shortcode in the installation instructions – must have missed it before, or forgotten it.

    Thanks too for being the author, this is a good plugin and a better alternative (I think) than using Jetpack.

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