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  • Resolved Oliver


    I have just installed WordPress 3.5RC4 on my local testserver. Unfortunately i can’t use this great Plugin with the upcoming version of WordPress. The visual editor is complete missing. Are there any plans about an update for CKEditor for WordPress in the near future?

    Sincerely, Col

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  • solagirl


    WordPress 3.5 is now officially released, I have to disable CkEditor For WordPress for the time being. Hope it gets fixed asap.



    same here, cannot edit anything 🙁



    I can confirm also that this does not work in 3.5 The editor does not load. I have it disabled for now, but this also break my access to the CK finder which my clients use as well. Waiting for a fix.




    The FireBug error is:

    TypeError: tinymce.onAddEditor is undefined


    Line 67

    Based on old tickets, there were issues with Google XML Sitemaps. I don’t have this installed just so you know.



    bensinclair thanks for the info – hopefully this gets a fix in quick.

    Diane Bourque


    Same here. Had to deactivate CKEditor in all sites updated with WordPress 3.5. Please bring it back soon. Does anyone know of another plugin that we could use until we get CKEditor back? Thanks.



    Same probloms .Hopefully get a fix .
    Thank you.

    Experiencing the same issue here since upgrading to wordpress 3.5

    Same issue here. Looks like a jQuery incompatibility with the new jQuery library packaged with WordPress 3.5

    Broken here as well on all 5 sites.
    Thank You

    And I’m sorry to say but the default editor with wordpress totally sucks … you can’t even change font size unless you switch to html and do it all by hand …

    @bluntman001 absolutely right… they have released 3.5 and they didn’t bother to look into this matter to come up with something nice…

    I have the same problem too.

    Plugin Author wiktor


    Hi everyone,

    The reason why there is no update is quite simple: we had to work on V4 (editor, sites, builder, add-ons repository and so on). The problem with WordPress 3.5 is pretty time consuming as we need to hack many things in order to inject the editor properly.

    It would be 100x easier if there was any easy API to inject 3rd party editors in WordPress, and if it wasn’t so strictly integrated with one particular editor, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

    Please be patient. Also, if anyone is willing to help in coding, we’d be definitely more than happy to welcome new contributors.

    Thanks for the update wiktor, your work is appreciated. This might be a dumb question (I haven’t been able to find an answer on your site), but will V4 be available for WP when it gets released? Or is it only for other platforms?

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