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  • I hope this plugin will work for what I am specifically looking for, but for the life of me can not get it working, and not sure why. I HAVE tried researching and googling, but as I am still new to wordpress, I am just really confused.

    Trying to implement the Infinite Scroll on the homepage of my site (

    I want the website to be kind of like a tumblr style, where underneath the music player and the twitter where there are three LARGE images, I want to put 100+ images in that section so the site will just continue to scroll down as the user scrolls.

    I activated the plugin, and off the bat did not notice any difference (not even getting any errors or anything, its like the plugin is completely invisible)

    Im assuming this has something to do with my DIV Selectors, but for the life of me have NO idea what to put even there! I am using the MusicPro theme and tried researching what they are, but came up with no luck.

    Can anyone help me just get this slightly setup just so that its working?! Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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  • Hi. Did you try clearing your browsers cache?

    Yes I have tried that. If you would have just went to the website, you would notice nothing either, obviously proving the plugin is just not doing anything on the home page.

    Ive still been reading and researching and still for the life of me just can not figure out how to get this working. Can anyone help?

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