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    The plugin on a non-paid member ship seems good, but isn’t working well on a custom filed.. When I integrate the login short code on a Mobile press version of my blog it shows only [user-ultra], even when I try using the < ? Php do short code Tag it doesn’t work.

    I noticed that when I place it on pages with the do short code tag it doesn’t work but if I place it without the do_code tag it works to some extent , I wanted to subscribe to the pro version but the non-paid version is so worse .

    That I had to remove the plugin, had been using the plugin for over 3 weeks wishing that the would correct that mistake with the massive update it gets. The most annoying of it all is that its been updated 4 times in a week an yet it don’t get a patch to that leak.

    when you check my site on Pc, the login widget appears, and the profile user area shown but when you go through mobile press I doesn’t, for instance when you try to visit the log on section it shows [userultra-login] when you visit profile it shows [userultra-proile] isntead of the nomal login and profile option which it readily displays on PC view and wdget area without a shot code….. And sadly enough I get 62% of my visitors through mobile view and I need user to login/ register to participate in forum section , I love the ui(user interfaace) and its promises a better user experience if that manace is treated.

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    Hi @360crest,

    If you are having problems, we are happy to help. We were not aware you were having any problems until now. If you would like to visit our forms and raise the issues you are having, we will do what we can to help.

    I just checked on my old blackberry (which is horrible for trying to see sites) and I have no problem seeing the login form and the registration forum. And that is without any assistance from “Mobile View”.

    Can you point us to any documentation on mobile view where we might be able to see what we can do to consider working on compatibility?

    Keep in mind, we don’t guarantee compatibility with third party applications.


    Currently I have it disabled.. Want to ask why does the plugin never works with the do_short code tag, ama send you the srceen short link 2day. If you have mobilepress enabled and then you add the short codes to there various place, and try visiting the same page having that shot code it won’t read the shot code rather it would show us as an ordinary text

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    Do you have issues with any other plugin that uses shortcodes when MobilePress is active?

    The reason I ask is MobilePress hasn’t been updated since the developer said it was compatible with WP 3.6.1. There have been substantial changes within WordPress since August 9th, 2013.

    This could be one of the issues you are having with Users Ultra. I don’t know, it’s just something I noticed when I looked at that plugin.

    In fact, I just looked at their forums topics and the very latest one from three months ago brought up the issue of shortcodes not working with MobilePress. Please see the following link to that topic:

    I hope this helps to solve the issue you are having.

    Visit that’s the mobile version and visit htpp:// …. I really need help.

    Why is it that the plugin doesn’t have a widget option area… This wuld have solved all my problems

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    Based on what I can see on your site, Users Ultra is not active on your site. If it is, it is being blocked.

    The shortcode won’t work if the plugin isn’t allowed to run.

    Eloo, did you check the post on mobile and Desktop version? Check this out mobile==>
    PC ==> let’s take a bid , if you solve this issue I would subscribe to pro version. Many of my pals waned o but I told them to wait, cause that bug ain’t fixed yet.

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    I’m marking this as resolved since you’ve opened another topic.

    Please let’s keep our conversation on the another post


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