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Plugin not working on my themes (4 posts)

  1. prodigiworld
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I understand theres nothing wrong with your plugin, and I can see that the problem is came from my own themes as I change themes to twenty eleven your plugin is working just fine.
    I just dont know how to trouble shoot this as the themes developer wont help as they said it is plugin problem. So I kind stuck on the middle here.
    If you have time and kindly willing to help me.. here's the link to my site:
    I set up with smoothest and ever try NO Jquery IU theme. And still having problem.
    Please help to give me some light from the darknest...


  2. Matt Lowe
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi prodigiworld, I can't see an obvious good reason for the errors you're getting on the page. I think your theme developer may be right, that there is no issue with the theme but in fact a plugin issue.

    You say you've tried the plugin with twentyeleven, so we know that something is upsetting things when Prosense is activated, the main concern would usually be how jQuery is loaded by the theme but it DOES appear to be loading jQuery correctly and not doing anything silly in that respect. As such I'm not convinced that the issue is entirely the theme's fault (if at all). Currently I suspect a plugin conflict.

    Have you tried disabling all plugins and then re-enabling one at a time? This is the usual next step. Leave the site on the Prosense theme, disable all plugins and then turn them back on one at a time. Turn on Squelch Tabs & Accordions first to see if you still have the issue with just my plugin and your theme active. If there's no issue then we can safely say that there is no conflict between your theme and my plugin (which is what I would expect as your theme appears to be loading jQuery correctly).

    If you're using Chrome then I'd say keep the developer tools' console open so that you can see when there is an error: Enable one plugin, refresh the page, check for errors. When you get an error you will know that plugin is causing issues. We'll call this Plugin X.

    Now as it's probable that TWO plugins are clashing, not just Plugin X is causing an issue on its own, it is advisable to go back through all the activated plugins and disable them one at a time (leaving Plugin X enabled) to see if the errors then disappear. When deactivating a second plugin fixes the errors we then know that (we'll call it Plugin Y) is clashing with Plugin X.

    If you can do that for me and let me know what you find then that would help greatly. It's quite possible that Squelch TAAS is one of the plugins conflicting on your site, the question is what it's conflicting with and why.

  3. prodigiworld
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi thanks for your response, to be more clear I have set activate for all the plugin when I change the theme from prosense to twenty eleven and your plugin is working just fine.
    I also did turn off all plugin except your plugin with prosense themes and still can not show the tabs properly (with other themes it is working ok)
    Sorry to say but my developer is refuse to help any further so I can not get any clue from them. I suspicious that this themes is overwrites any post layout as I try several tabbed plugin and it has the same problem (layout not working but I can see the tabbed is there) except the twitter bootstrap tabbed plugin (but this time it force my right sidebar to the bottom of the pages instead to the right.
    If you can help to troubleshoot it will help me to understand more with my themes behavior. I know this is not your plugin problem, I just wondering if you have any different point of view to solves my problems here.

    Thanks for your help!

  4. Matt Lowe
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi prodigiworld, could you perhaps provide me with a copy of the theme so I can test it? The link to the author's website in the theme doesn't go to anything useful.

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