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  • Hi Innovot as for pre-ticking the checkbox I edited line 92 to read;
    rather than;
    checked($value, true, false),
    This seems to work, however I cannot get the plugin to change from the default ‘wordpress-users’ list to a new list, just wondered if you had the same problem. I will raise a separate post for this anyway.

    Hi Alex,

    For us the plug-in does not work full stop. We raised a support ticket and the response was that they are looking for a Gravity Forms developer; that was three weeks ago.

    We now an urgent requirement for a client and this functionality is needed; one of the reasons for purchasing MyMail in the first place.

    Do hope that this can be resolved soon as its an awesome mailing list system.

    Hi Innovot

    After posting my last message I encountered further problems with My Mail plugin and have also not had any response from the plugin author so have abandoned it and am now using Mail Chimp. You can buy a Mail Chimp plugin for Gravity forms (or like me if you have the developer license it is included) which lets you add new signups directly to any mailing list you have setup in Mail Chimp. Also if you setup custom fields in Mail Chimp lists i.e. Company Name etc, all these fields from the Gravity Forms can be mapped really easily. Also you can specify whether the recipient gets the double opt-in email notification or they can just be added. From here you can create your campaign and autoresponders from Mail Chimp and their new UI is really nice. I have not integrated this for three clients and it’s working perfectly. Also feel a bit more relaxed that I don’t have to worry about the My Mail plugin breaking from a WP update or conflicting plugin. In my opinion using Mail Chimp is a safer and easier option.

    Hope this helps

    Hi Alex,

    am annoyed that the reason we purchased MyMail was based on the plugin with Gravity. We would love to work with RexArts but if they are not willing to keep people updated then that is a real concern. We shall investigate Mail Chimp as we have taken on board a client who will be dependant on mailing lists.

    Thank you for responding and I hope RexArts are reading!

    Have handed out the final olive branch to see whether a bounty on the integration work would help. Our ethos is to support open source, as we use it extinsively, so I do hope they understand our offer of help. Thanks.

    I have the same problem, Please fix this plugin, RexArts. This plugin finally don’t work at all.

    It’s shame that in the manual of mymail: you still put informations of this plugin while it don’t work. Many customers of gravity forms will be cheated to buy mymail plugin because of this add-on…while they can use Mail Chimp solution.

    I purchased this plugin because it was working with Gravity forms … it’s not working at all ! …

    Please, any help ?



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    @ouestav: These forums do not support commercial products. Only the free plugins downloaded from Please contact the plugin’s vendor directly with any questions about commercial products.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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