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  • Resolved michael.plyler


    It appears that the Google Finance API is offline or has been removed?
    If this is the case, will you have an update the pulls this data from another API?

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  • k2_1971


    @urkekg no worries, bug testing is part of the process 🙂 php version on my end is 5.5 / WordPress 4.8.2. Will give alpha4 a try here soon and will report back. Thank you!



    @urkekg alpha4 is working on my local production environment. One quick thing I noticed – number format changes don’t save and revert back to default setting.



    Hi first of all thanks for your efforts, i am able to get the NSE stocks but they are not real time i think .. on the NSE site it shows a downward number whereas the plugin data shows a different value

    Plugin Author Aleksandar Urošević


    @k2_1971 great (for alpha3 errors), thank you. Fixed number format and decimal places settings save in alpha5. I finally uploaded code to GitHub so you can get latest alphavantage branch of plugin from or track changes on

    @vijaleshk Unfortunately, values are calculated and present from AlphaVantage daily time series based on explanation from Alpha Vantage I received from their support by email. Unfortunately, Alpha Vantage does not have ‘last change’ and they advised to I use ‘close’ as that value. Please check this screenshoot
    Here is comparison of NSE and Alpha Vantage data for two symbols I compared now
    I’ll appreciate any help to maybe better calculate last change if that is possible from data provided by Alpha Vantage?



    Aleksander @urkekg ,
    Just got a chance to get the alpha4 running on my staged env. For my purposes it’s perfect.

    Thanks for your hard work,




    Yes PLEASE.

    If you can provide me with a link to download your old version using Yahoo that would be fantastic.

    Last year, I carefully noted your warning about Google shutting down their api before using your plugin. However I spent weeks searching for another solution that would work with BKK market, but was unable to find one.

    I again acknowledge that you are in no way responsible for my situation.

    Thank you very much for your hard work and kind assistance.



    Plugin Author Aleksandar Urošević


    Hi @khunmax, please contact me by so I can send to you Yahoo Finance legacy package so you can try it.





    I have downloaded and tested the plugin. It does not work. I have sent you several emails explaining the issues and how I have attempted to get it running.

    Thank you for your kind assistance.



    Hello. Currencies are not working using “=X” on alpha5. Any other suggestions? Thank you!

    Hi @marcelkunzler

    Can you please tell me which currencies you tested? Check out latest alpha9 version from

    I hope to push new version to during next weekend (2nd of December).

    Kind regards,
    Aleksandar U.

    Hello guys,

    I wish to inform you that version 3.0.0 of StockTicker has been released on

    Just in case, please make a backup of website database before you upgrade to v3.0.0 and if you notice any settings loss (only in Stock Ticker, no other areas of WordPress will be touched), please report in support forum.

    Thank you,

    Thanks for the update Aleksandar.

    I’ve updated two different test systems with version 3.0.0 – both have been stuck on ‘Loading stock data…’ for about 30 minutes now.

    Hi @k2_1971,

    Please look for stockticker.log file in wp-content directory. Can you please sent it to me by email “urkekg AT gmail DOT com” and also link to websites where you have plugin upgraded so I can check log?


    Thanks @urkekg – Email sent. Both sites are development sites and are not available to access from the outside internet.

    @k2_1971 let we continue debugging by email. Thanks for helping me sort out this further.

Viewing 15 replies - 31 through 45 (of 45 total)
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