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    It appears that the Google Finance API is offline or has been removed?
    If this is the case, will you have an update the pulls this data from another API?

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  • @urkekg Looking good. Installed alpha2, and instead of tiome outs I am getting the “Loading message” very cool.

    Is there a way I can make the display in the North American way just untill you have the final 3.0 version ready?



    If you edit main plugin file stock-ticker.pho find line 437 and 438 and tweak decimal and thousand points as you need.


    Any reason you see not to put this into production with the understanding it is alpha2 and a full update is coming?

    Truly appreciate it,

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    Hey @flexer,

    Plugin can’t delete anything in database except own transient entries in wp_options table (on settings update).

    I have to prepare update script to do migration in database and settings between previous and new options. Before I do that, I have to finish all settings options, renaming and stuff. Also, I’m not satisfied with AV response speed, but if you have below 5 symbols on site, you can try it in production.


    Hi Aleksandar, any update on development? Is it still not recommended for live sites?

    Thanks for all your work on this!

    Hi Aleksandar, any update on development? Is it still not recommended for live sites?

    Aleksander, great job so far! I currently have this handling close to 30 different stock quotes – takes about a minute to load all of them, but it does load and display everything.

    I’ve noticed that the custom names setting no longer works. Example:

    .INX;S&P 500

    … instead of .IXIC displaying NASDAQ, it just displays .IXIC on the ticker, etc. Am I missing something, or has this functionality not been addressed yet with this alpha version?

    Hey Alek

    Unfortunately I do not have the skills to help you test your new version.

    Do you have a rough ETA for when the new version will be uploaded to the WP repository.

    My site was streaming quotes from the Bangkok market. BKK. Do you know if your new provider has data for this market.

    Thank you for your plugin and kind assistance.



    Hi all,

    I push package for v0.2.99-alpha3 with following changes:

    * Add: plugin update script
    * Add: customizable default ‘Loading…’ message
    * Add: customizable number format and decimal places (globally, per shortcode and per widget)
    * Add: fallback when return second day with zeros
    * Change: rewrite settings page
    * Change: better handling update cache
    * Change: option to unlink quotes because with we don’t have where to link
    * Fix: typos

    @flexer Feel free to update to new alpha3 and test. Number Format and Decimal Places options are now available and customizable (as you can see from changelog up here).

    @great8creative Sorry, I don’t have and can’t provide ETA for final version. Please note, I work on my free WordPress plugins when I catch some spare time. I have couple more details to tune and hope to release v0.3.0 soon.

    @k2_1971 You have to set (globally or per shortcode/ticker) to show “Company Name” instead of “Symbol”, and then name from “Custom Names” will be used.

    @khunmax Unfortunately, does not support BKK Exchange. Here is list of supported exchanges:

    • ASX – Australian Securities Exchange
    • BOM – Bombay Stock Exchange
    • BIT – Borsa Italiana Milan Stock Exchange
    • TSE – Canadian/Toronto Securities Exchange
    • FRA – Deutsche Boerse Frankfurt Stock Exchange
    • ETR – Deutsche Boerse Frankfurt Stock Exchange
    • AMS – Euronext Amsterdam
    • EBR – Euronext Brussels
    • ELI – Euronext Lisbon
    • EPA – Euronext Paris
    • LON – London Stock Exchange
    • MCX – Moscow Exchange
    • NASDAQ – NASDAQ Exchange
    • CPH – NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen
    • HEL – NASDAQ OMX Helsinki
    • ICE – NASDAQ OMX Iceland
    • STO – NASDAQ OMX Stockholm
    • NSE – National Stock Exchange of India
    • NYSE – New York Stock Exchange
    • SGX – Singapore Exchange
    • SHA – Shanghai Stock Exchange
    • SHE – Shenzhen Stock Exchange
    • TPE – Taiwan Stock Exchange
    • TYO – Tokyo Stock Exchange


    Hello Aleksandar, and thanks for the update and the info.

    Just tried out alpha3, site throws an error msg:

    Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in ..\wp-content\plugins\stock-ticker-0.2.99-alpha3\stock-ticker.php on line 280


    Thanks for your update. As I posted at the start of this thread I have built an entire site around ticker feed from your plugin for the BKK market.

    What are my options?

    I fully acknowledge that you are in no way to blame for my situation and that you stated very clearly that there was risk that Google might shut down there data feed.

    Thank you very much for your plugin and your kind assistance.

    Kind Regards


    Hi @urkekg

    Like @k2_1971 above I’m getting the error, but slightly different line number.

    Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in ****/wp-content/plugins/stock-ticker/stock-ticker.php on line 264

    Thank you

    @k2_1971 and @flexer Sorry for that. Can you please tell me what PHP version you have (where WordPress run)? I’m developing on PHP 7.0.18 and some code remain unfinished but not thrown errors on my checks. Please test alpha4 version where I fixed (hopefully all) such errors you got.

    @khunmax I have somewhere version of older Stock Ticker with Yahoo Finance as source. If you agree, I can digg and find it, so you can try with that one (if Yahoo Finance still works and support BKK exchange)? I’m also open for custom development with any premium stock data source, if you find any suitable for you?

    Aleksander @urkekg
    Haven’t upgraded this istall to 7 yet. It’s on 5.6. I’ll check alpha4 in my morning.
    Thanks for your hard work… again.

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