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  • Plugin Contributor imamkhalid


    Try to delete and re-install the plugin. I believe the package you downloaded does not completely finished.

    Same here – I’ve installed on 3.8 and 3.9. I’ve done on fresh installs and new download of the plugin.

    I tried on TwentyTen, Thesis, and another theme.

    It didn’t work on any of my sites regardless of fresh downloads/installs.

    Plugin Contributor imamkhalid


    Some plugins inserted HTML attributes like class, id, style etc to all the <img> tag in the post. This has caused an error to the script, resulting the box failed to appear.

    It overrides HTML attributes in the javascript too, eg. from this:
    var img = “<img src=\”…\”>”;

    to this:
    var img = “<img class=”otherplugincss” src=\”…\”>”;

    Note the backslashes that couldn’t be added to other attributes added by other plugins. I still don’t know how.

    Now I need to figure out how to strip off any HTML attributes on the <img> tag on that particular facebook lightbox.

    Any ideas anyone? Thank you and sorry for all the inconveniences.

    Thanks for replying so quickly!

    I do not have any ideas but I’ll take your notes and see if I can find a workaround.

    Thanks again for following up with information.

    I have same problem on clean install of WP with only this plugin installed. Great plugin. Can hardly wait till it works

    Plugin Contributor imamkhalid


    I’ve fix some bugs, kindly please upgrade to 1.0.6.

    Hope this works, please tell me if it’s still not working, thank you.

    Imamkhalid – you are an amazing person. To pull through as quickly as you did is unheard of!

    Thank you very much.

    It does work on a regular theme but it’s not working on Thesis (Thesis is a theme that basically replaces all of WP’s core functions to allow for better loading, etc.). So Thesis normally takes special coding but, I understand that.

    Anyways, thank you kindly for jumping on this as quickly as you have!

    Imamkhalid, because I’m not sure if you will see the message or not, I have messaged you on Facebook with a request outside of this realm. Please make sure to check your inbox in the OTHER section to see my message. Thanks!

    Plugin Contributor imamkhalid


    I’m not sure about any hard configuration on thesis theme but when I tested on my basic thesis theme it works really fine.

    See this screenshot:

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thank you.

    EDIT: Tested on Thesis 1.8.5

    Hmmm, must be one of my custom functions.

    Lovin’ your response time, thanks again!

    If I figure out what I did that’s causing it not to work, I’ll share here.

    NOTE: I am using Thesis 1.8.5 if it matters.

    Ahh, had to reset the cache; working!


    Your plugin is very nice.

    I have 2 questions.
    1. For me it os not wrking udner mozilla. Is there any way to fix it?
    2. When popup is asking: Like us on Facebook to get more!
    Can I setup my face page link ( ) to like somehow?

    Thanks for your support.

    Seriously I think this is the greatest plugin ever made but, I don’t know why it slows down my site to a standstill.

    Dou you think it might be a conflict with this plugin, Related YouTube Videos or this plugin, SEO Facebook Comments.

    I just can’t figure it out and have to turn of FB Light Popup. 🙁

    I installed this similar plugin, Dimbal Social Popup. Dimbal Social Popup doesn’t slow down my site at all. I’m not sure if that helps you.

    I’d rather use your plugin instead. 🙂

    @norman – it’s not the plugin slowing it down. I’d look into something else.

    @imamkhalid – it’s working on thesis but it’s not pulling an image (displays image not found symbol).

    Screenshot –

    Check this site out using your plugin – they’re doing something I desire.

    They have it setup so that the video plays, then as soon as it finishes playing, the popup displays with the videos thumbnail.

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