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  • Hi,

    I have installed the plugin in a test multi-site and all goes well.

    BUT in my live site I have an issue that manifests itself in two ways
    1. I get this mesages (which I did in test) but clicking the button fails to clear the message

    Warning: It appears the Robots.txt Rule is missing from a Websites rewrite_rules option. This can cause robots.txt files to return 404 errors. To correct: Click the button below to mass update any Websites missing the robots.txt file rule.

    2. In subsites NOT owned by the network super admin the plugin does NOT appear in the settings nor does the new default Robots.txt get picked up (in sites owned by superuser it does and editing the robots.txt works)

    It is sort of like the plugin is just not liking the other subsites.

    There are differences between my test and live site, and the biggest one that I can think of, clutching at straws, it that the Super Admin is NOT users 1 (as is default when you first create a multi-site )

    Is there any chance you are assuming the Super Admin is userid = 1 rather than call the function?
    <?php is_super_admin( $user_id ); ?>

    Any other ideas?

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  • I have looked at the code and I can see why it doesn’t work for super admins for blogs they are not actaully owners of.

    Is there a deliberate reason for this?

    I can see a way of coding to make at least the problems that I am experiencing go-away.

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