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  • I have the same problem (though I am using the headway theme). This plugin no longer sends any emails and I have no idea why.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you for reporting. Opened an issue here:

    Would be great if you could participate to help to fix the problem.

    There is a similar problem here:

    I just can reproduce it, when being logged in as the author and writing a comment.

    Does it for you only happen when you answer as an author, or also when you are not logged in and write a comment with another e-mail-adress?

    Can you please give more details so that this bug can be reproduced?

    – is comment moderation turned on?
    – is double-check turned on?
    – do you write the reply-comment as an author or with a normal e-mail-adress? Try to write a reply-comment when not being logged in.

    Please give step-by-step-instruction how to reproduce the problem.

    1. write a comment with e-mail-address 1
    2. confirm notifications with double-check
    3. administrator approves comment in the backend
    4. write a comment with e-mail-address 2
    5. Notification to e-mail-address 1 not received

    Plugin Contributor Jason Crouse


    Thank you, andreasbo, for not letting this plugin die alone in the dark 😉

    Hello and sorry for getting back to so this late.

    I tried all kinds of different variations and logged-in or -out comment posting with domain based and foreign server email addresses.

    The overall functionality of my site would only require sending emails to logged in users as our community is closed.

    Unfortunately I´m not a big php crack so I can´t help much with the coding itself.

    Hello @beautypirate I have tested this plugin and it works for me. Please read this support thread.

    I hope this helps you.

    Kind regards

    Hello mbrsolution,

    thank you for following up to this, I have to slightly disappoint though as I did try this and it did not work for me 🙁

    I will wait for an updated version of this plugin before I bother re-installing it really because my site needs to be online now.

    Thanks a lot!

    Hi @beautypirate can you share with us what exactly have you done to try and setup this plugin.

    Did you follow the instructions above by @andreasbo

    If you can share more information perhaps we can assist you further.

    Kind regards

    I tried all below variations with admin, editor and subscriber accounts even with non logged in users from several ip addresses and browsers, even operating systems including mobiles.

    All user levels subscribed to a thread and ALL other user levels (including guest) replied to the comment. Not even one email came through. I am not a code pro so I really can´t tell you what exactly went tips up and I don´t have the plugin installed anymore to check back on it.

    I can install it on my development site later today and see what I can do.

    Hello, when you install this plugin on your development site make sure that you only have this plugin installed and nothing else.

    It is very strange that not even one e-mail is going through on your live website. There must be something blocking your e-mails or a conflict with another plugin.

    Anyhow once you have it running on your development site we will be able to find a solution.

    Kind regards

    Hello there, I have tried everything now, really everything in every possible configuration and for me it doesn´t work. No email is sent no matter who replies to the comment.

    Hi BeautyPirate, this might be off topic a bit. If you register a new user on your website would they receive an e-mail?

    Kind regards

    I suggest opening a new topic for this.

    Hi BeautyPirate, my question was directed at you. Sorry for not mentioning that.

    Kind regards

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