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    We recently switched from another caching plugin to Swift Performance Light. We have it installed on our store but it is not recognising the geolocation of the user correctly and causing a conflict with Woocommerce and the WOOCS plugin. We also have Cloudflare set up however is it not responsible for the issue. As soon as we disable Swift, even with Cloudflare enabled, the user’s geoIP is recognised correctly again. WOOCS is also not the issue since the user’s geoIP was showing up correctly when we tested it without the Swift plugin enabled.

    We tested locations on which confirmed the error.

    Woocommerce does have an additional geocaching option in its settings however this causes big issues with additional strings added to urls so it is not the way to fix this. We also never had to have this option enabled to have the website geo locate correctly with other caching plugins which we have used in the past.

    Could you please advise how to fix this issue in Swift so that it correctly determines the user’s GeoIP location?

    Many thanks in advance.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Contributor Fred


    In order to use Geolocation in combination with Swift Performance Lite, you need to enable additional geocaching option in Woocomerce settings or upgrade to Pro version of Swift, which contain Ajaxify feature for Woocommerce.

    Hi Fred,

    Thank you for your reply however you have misunderstood our question.

    We are not asking for geocaching – we are saying that at the moment, Swift Lite DOES not recognise the user’s location correctly and this is breaking other plugins as well as some Woocommerce features.

    The problem is definitely inside Swift, not anywhere else. Other caching plugins do not have this problem, only Swift.

    As we said above, the Woocommerce caching option is not the way to fix this – it causes other issues on websites.

    The user’s location is recognised fine without Swift enabled so if the Swift authors have intentionally manipulated their plugin in the free Lite version so that the user’s location is not recognised, just to sell the premium version of this plugin, that is a pretty sad reflection on them and their business practices.

    Plugin Contributor Fred


    As you say, maybe I misunderstood your question, but with the kind of accusations you end up with, it is not really motivating to support you further here.


    You’ll notice I used the word “if” rather than “did” so not an accusation, simply a speculation about whether the authors had done this.

    The user’s location is correctly determined by wordpress & woocommerce without Swift Lite. When Swift Lite is switched on, this breaks and the user’s location is no longer correctly determined. When I ask on the plugin’s support forum about this, I am immediately told that geolocating the user correctly is a premium feature. So if the plugin’s support are aware of all this then naturally it makes me wonder whether it was a conscious decision by them to restrict the user’s location.

    And if that is not the case and this is issue is some kind of bug which the plugin authors fix, then I’ll gladly be the first to apologise for any offense that my speculation may have caused.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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