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  • Hi, for some reason i get the red caution message about there being no load_theme_textdomain() function in my theme despite it most definitely being there. I am using a custom child theme of the “The Palace” theme. The child should inherit the functions.php right?

    Please help me troubleshoot this, thank you!

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  • To see how a child theme must be set (and enriched) to incorporate multilingual features, I invite you to read the source of the child examples 2011 ou 2012-xili:

    For multiple reasons, xili-language uses language files in child and in parent theme (merging). Only the child is modified or completed by the files (containing specific translated texts linked to the website itself – terms, widget titles, options,…).
    Advantages: nothing is modified in parent theme.


    I use Xili-language for a long time, it works very well until yesterday — when I’m doing something, such as start the Jetback, its Mobile Theme etc., the multi-language feature seems suddenly to be partially failed (such as to the theme, the widget titles).

    Check the Xili-langrage settings, find this:
    CAUTION: no load_theme_textdomain() in functions.php of child theme – review the content of file in the current child theme or leave as is to use only parent theme translation file.

    Check the mo/po files, it seems there are no changes.

    Try to stop the Jetback but seems no avail.

    All plugins etc are up to date, in addition to the theme (mimbo) with my child theme.

    Please help me, thank you!

    Plugin Author Michel – xiligroup dev


    Thanks for your question,
    JetPack is not involved. XILI-LANGUAGE needs the function load_theme_textdomain() in child theme to detect the sub-folder where are current .mo files. XILI-LANGUAGE is, since more than one year, able to merge the content of the language file from the parent and the child. A good way to leave unmodified the parent but to customize child files.
    For better targeted support, don’t forgot to use the support form in the 5th tab of xili-language settings.
    Good work !

    Michel, Thanks! I’ll try the suport.
    I don’t know why it doesn’t work suddenly… think that there is must something changed to be as the cause but I can’t find it.

    Plugin Author Michel – xiligroup dev


    Multilingual installation with xili-language is not independent of the active theme. If a theme is changed and if this new theme is not ready for multilingual context (see prerequisites in readme), some issues can occur…

    Good work,


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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